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At night, the city’s old quarters come alive with the sound of fado singing and guitar-playing, the musical expression of the soul of Lisbon’s inhabitants. And yet, down the hill at the open-air cafés, bars and discothèques, whose lights are reflected in the calm waters of the River Tagus, the night is still young. Why not also take advantage of Lisbon’s special location and enjoy the white sand of the long ocean beaches, just a stone’s throw from the Portuguese capital? Also to be found close by are a series of excellent golf courses, a casino, and the romantic town of Sintra, a paradise that has been magnificently set in the most beautiful landscape and has rightly been classified as world heritage. Nightlife is concentrated on the waterfront between the Docks and Avenida 24 de Julho, and in the Bairro Alto. For those wishing to see a show with more authentically Portuguese origins, the ideal choice is a Fado House in one of the city’s typical neighborhoods.


Techno music beat and the most eccentric people in town gather here during weekends to dance until the early mornings.

type: Dancing

address: Escadinhas Praia 5
tel: +35 21 60 87 68

Adega Machado

Make sure you make reservations when you want to see the house star performing in a traditional setting with great acoustics.

type: Fado

address: Rua do Norte 91
tel: +35 21 322 4640


Classic one in the gay scene. Besides a huge dance floor, also a dark room and strip shows (especially in the weekends).

type: Gay & Lesbian

address: Rua Cecílio de Sousa 82-84
tel: +35 21 342 8971


It was the missing place. And the gin isn’t bad. Extra pastime: finding two equal chairs… Bar: Tue.-Fri. 18.00-04.00. Sat.&Sun. 16.00 – 04.00 Disco: Thu.-Sat. 24.00-06.00.

type: Dancing


Good techno beat in a baroque setting with mixed audience. Most gays arrive late at night to dance along until the early hours.

type: Gay & Lesbian

address: Rua da Cozinha Econômica 11
tel: +35 21 363 6432


Night-club number one in Lisbon that has the longest bar in town and is known for its live performances.

type: Dancing

address: R. João Oliveira Miguens 38
tel: +35 21 395 59 77


Quite expensive drinks but great place to go to when you’re in for a party.

type: Gay & Lesbian

address: Rua da Imprensa Nacional
tel: +35 21 397 1059


type: Gay & Lesbian

address: Rua da Atalaia 128
tel: +35 21 346 9578

King’s & Queen’s

One of the largest gay discos in Lisbon. Things really get started after 3am.

type: Gay & Lesbian

address: Rua Cintura do Porto de Lisboa
tel: +35 21 977 699


Disco and transvestite shows.

type: general

address: Rua Gustavo Matos Sequeira 42
tel: +35 21 396 8891


Not just everyone get in, but as soon as you manage, you’ll fancy yourself in the designers world with a lot of friends.

type: Gay & Lesbian

address: Rua Gustavo Matos Sequeira 42
tel: +35 21 882 0890


Go there after midnight and you’ll have a perfect evening in the once pioneer club of Lisbon.

type: Gay & Lesbian

address: Rua da Palmeira 38
tel: +35 21 347 2652


Set in quiet surroundings, you can enjoy the music of jazz masters at Bartis.

type: Jazz

address: R. Diário Notícias, 95
tel: +35 21 342 47 95

Hot Clube

Jazz band performances in the weekends.

type: Jazz

address: Pç. Alegria, 39
tel: +35 21 346 73 69


Lively venue with live music every Wednesday until Sunday.

type: Jazz

address: R. Frei Miguel Contreiras, 18 C
tel: +35 21 849 90 81


type: Jazz

address: Cais Oficinas,Rocha Conde Obidos
tel: 21 396 42 57

Bar do Terraço

type: Jazz

address: Centro Cultural de Belém – Pç. do Império
tel: +35 21 301 06 23


Dress to impress and make sure you’re on time during the weekends. On Thursday evenings, a funky dancing night. On Wednesdays often live easy listening music.

type: Dancing

address: Av. Brasilia, Ed. Espelho d’Água
tel: +35 21 301 66 54


When you want to be sure that you’ll get in, be there around midnight. Especially in the weekends, a lot of Salsa and Latin groovy beats.

type: Dancing

address: Rua D. Fuas Roupinho, Parque das Nações
tel: +35 21 895 181


Different type of music on different nights, Especially in the weekends, stress on techno. After 4am, often underground music.

type: Dancing

address: Tv. Teixeira Júnior 6
tel: +35 21 363 39 59


type: Dancing
address: R. Olival, 1
tel: +35 21 395 45 45

Banana Power

Salsa and Morna and a favourite with the African crowd.

type: Dancing

address: R. Cascais 53
tel: +35 21 364 84 85


The African hotspot in Lisbon.

type: Dancing

address: Shopping Calendóscopio
tel: +35 21 795 42 93


Disco with huge restaurant and 80s music.

type: Dancing

address: R. Dom Luís I 5
tel: +35 21 395 50 09

Ad Lib

Plenty of oriental details and an in their 30s/40s crowd.

type: Dancing

address: R. Barata Salgueiro
tel: +35 21 356 17 17

Discoteca 2001

Trendy disco with the latest hits and the best good old favourites.

type: Dancing

address: Est. Nacional 9
tel: +35 21 469 05 50

Arcadas do Faia

More a touristy venue than a charming place where you can sneak in on a traditional Fado singers.

type: Fado

address: Rua da Barroca 54/56
tel: +35 21 342 6742

Café Luso

Dating back from the 1920s and the oldest Fado house in Lisbon.

type: Fado

address: Travessa da Queimada 10
tel: +35 21 342 2281

Clube do Fado

Artist from way back then and the hottest new arrivals. Good place when you want to indulge in Fado singing yourself and you’re not (yet) a top singer.

type: Fado

address: Rua S-o Jo-o da Praça 92/4
tel: +35 21 888 26949

Associaç-o Concentraç-o Musical de 24 de Agosto

Ever seen and heard Fado jamming? Don’t miss out on this venue.

type: Fado

address: Travessa do Oleiro 13
tel: +35 21 396 6945

Senhor Vinho

The best, but also the most expensive Fado house in Lisbon.

type: Fado

address: Rua do Meio à Lapa 18
tel: +35 21 397 7456

Parreirinha de Alfama

type: Fado

address: Beco do Espírito Santo 1
tel: +35 21 886 8209


type: Fado

address: Rua do Norte 47
tel: +35 21 342 989

Café A Central da Baixa

type: Bars & Cafes

address: Rua dos Sapateiros
tel: +35 21 – 342028

Café Casa Mourisca

type: Bars & Cafes

address: Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, 23 A
tel: +35 21 – 520435

Cafetaria Quadrante

type: Bars & Cafes

address: Centro Cultural de Belém – Praça do Império
tel: +35 21 – 361240