Kenya has something for any traveller. There are many different landscapes and cultures, all quite different and beautiful. There is the desert of the north and The Rift Valley where evidence of protohumans was first found. There are many brilliant Lakes, including Lake Victoria in western Kenya, Lake Naivasha and many more. Kenya has the second highest peak in Africa, the great Mt. Kenya . It has twenty National Parks and Reserves packed full of the exlusive “Big Five” (Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Cape buffalo, and Rhinoceros).

Of course, there is also The Coast , very picturesque, with white sands, emerald water, and the Swahili culture, a unique mix of Arabic and Bantu influences. Compound the incredible scenery and limitless travel options with friendly and welcoming people, and visiting Kenya becomes a great vacation. while in coast visit the garden of eden: m

Maweni beach cottages in Tiwi. Lovely naturalland scapes with self catering cottages. Fresh sea food to your doorstep every morning by the local fishermen.

Cottages with a lovely seaview. No tv, radios are allowed just the noise of the waves breaking and early morning birds. Real paradise. No wonder advance bookings required. Maweni beach cottages 

The best places to start your travels in Kenya are probably Nairobi N.P. the capital and south of Mombasa the second largest city, located on the coast. Both are served by international flights and have a very good tourist infrastructure.

Aerial view Kenya Marinelandphoto by: Gary