Kenya – POINTS OF INTEREST – Cities – Kitale

KitaleKitale is a good-sized town north of Kakamega in the western highlands, and is a very productive agricultural area. It’s important to tourists because it serves as a base for traveling to Mt Elgon to the west and Lodwar to the north. There’s a museum in town which has a nice nature trail out back, and an agroforestry project next to the museum.Matatus run to and from Kitale from Eldoret, Kisumu, Lodwar and many other spots. If you’re coming from a town further east than Eldoret, take a vehicle to Eldoret first, as all matatus will stop here for a while anyway. You might as well be free to choose a nissan that is almost full and ready to go instead of waiting for your nissan to fill up. As to the railway station: Passenger rail traffic has stopped for many years, though freight trains run again.Bottom end places to stay include the New Kitale House and the Executive Lodge which is a bit more expensive but has private bathrooms. For a nicer place, try the Bongo Hotel (# (0325) 20593) on Moi Ave. It has singles/doubles with shared bathrooms for KSh 300/500 or with attached bathrooms for KSh 550/700, including breakfast. The Alakara Hotel (# (0325) 20395) on Kenyatta St have rooms at about the same price. The nicest place to stay is Sirikwa Safaris 23 km north of Kitale. You can camp here with access to all the facilities, sleep in a furnished tent for KSh 900/1200, or stay in a room for KSh 1800/2700. The grounds are beautiful, and the owners are very welcoming and helpful.