Blois Chateau, Loire, France travel video

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The French city of Blois in the Loire Valley has one of the largest and most interesting of the châteaux of the Loire Valley, built up in a variety of architectural styles over its 700 year period. It was home to many of the kings and queens of France. And there is also a very friendly pedestrian center to the town.
Because so many powerful kings lived here and were associated with the château, it was built up over the centuries in a variety of architectural styles. This one building exhibits the medieval and the Renaissance and then the French classic style later of François Mansart.
The historic center is 800 meters wide, very easy to walk around in. The ancient Old Town is built upon a steep slope, crowned by the historical castle at one end of the ridge, and by the cathedral at the other. As a result there are numerous staircase streets running up the hills.
The old part of town next to the château is a healthy and vibrant neighborhood with shops and cafés scattered and residences in the blocks behind.
The main street of the Old Town is rue Saint-Lubin which leads right into the major square, Place Louis XII.

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