Canadian Prime Minister’s visit to Argentina

Canadian Prime Minister’s visit to Argentina

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Friday, 18 November 2016
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On 17 November, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, made an official visit to Argentina at the invitation of President Macri, joined by members of his cabinet and by important representatives of the investment sector. It was the first visit by a Canadian Head of State to Argentina since 1998.

President Macri received the Prime Minister for a meeting and hosted a dinner for him at the Olivos residence. Some of the attendants were the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, Mr. Marcos Peña; the Foreign Minister, Ms. Susana Malcorra; the Minister of Defence, Mr. Julio Martínez; the Minister of Agro-industry, Mr. Ricardo Buryaile; the Minister of Social Development, Ms. Carolina Stanley; and the Minister of Education and Sports, Mr. Esteban Bullrich.

Argentina and Canada maintain a close, longstanding bilateral relationship on the basis of shared values and principles, such as fostering democracy, human rights, multilateralism, non-proliferation, and peaceful conflict resolution. 

The Canadian Prime Minister and the Argentine President identified a wide array of sectors in which they believe economic and trade relations can be strengthened, and they agreed that Argentina offers important investment opportunities in key sectors of the economy. 

Argentina and Canada value the potential of mining activities and their significant contribution to the development and progress of both nations, on a solid basis of transparency and social responsibility, and in compliance with the rules in force in both countries. Both heads of state emphasized their governments’ commitment to working on the strengthening of society’s trust in responsible, efficient mining, and reaffirmed their decision to update regulations, best practices and standards across the mining production value chain.

They agreed to renew their commitment on a variety of issues, such as transparency and open government, trade and investment and bilateral cooperation projects in several fields.

They expressed their intent to launch a regular high-level political dialogue to discuss political, economic, regional and multilateral issues of common interest.

As pro tempore president of Mercosur in the first half of 2017, Argentina will seek to renew the dialogue between Mercosur and Canada.

In order to facilitate business relations between the two countries, Argentina has decided to eliminate visa requirements for Canadian businesspersons as from 1 December 2016.

Both governments agreed to renew efforts to fight climate change by means of collective work with regional and international partners through effective implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Prime Minister Trudeau had contacts with ministers of the National Cabinet, businesspersons and members of civil society, in a cordial spirit that underscores the achievements of the visit by this friendly country, creating optimistic expectations with regard to the future of the relationship.

Finally, Prime Minister Trudeau thanked President Macri for the warm welcome.  


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