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Traveler’s Tips

FezWithin the old town: walk all you can. Walk until you feet can no longer bear you. It’s best way to see what you need to see. Within the old city there are no other means of transport except for donkeys (and there are streets with signs ‘donkeys not allowed’), so you don’t have a lot of choice, anyway. To get from the Ville Nouvelle to the old town, you can find the normal cabs, with a meter the driver is unwilling to use. There are also buses, but they tend to be crowded. You will, at some point, be offered directions by a guide. Whether the guide has been credentialed by the Ministry of Tourism or not Its best to agree on a price beforehand and specify as clearly as possible exactly what you expect the guide to show you. This goes for all of Morocco, but is especially important in Fes, due to its labrythine streets.