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There’s a controversy in Kenya whether Nakuru is the country’s 4th or 5th largest city. Many people think Eldoret, farther west in Rift Valley Province, has passed up Nakuru. Either way, Nakuru is an important agricultural city, trade center, and transportation hub. The area around Nakuru has been in the headlines in recent years due to tribal strife. In the elections of 1992 and 1997, the Nakuru region has erupted in violence. Traditionally, the entire Rift Valley Province has supported President Moi’s ruling party of KANU. However, in the last decade many Kikuyu people have migrated to the rich farmlands in the area, bringing their opposition views with them. President Moi is not willing to give up his grasp on the province though, and tribal clashes between Moi’s Kalenjin tribe and the Kikuyu have erupted. The clashes are strictly political, however, and unless you are in the area in 2002, there will be no violence. Many travelers pass through Nakuru on their way west, and some stay a few days in town to see Menengai Crater or Lake Nakuru National Park, where your chances of seeing a rhino are better than any other park in Kenya.

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Matatu(Taxis) Plying the Lake Nakuru Road near main bus Terminus opposite Nakuru Town Mosque
photo by: Eddie Kegode

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