Kenya – POINTS OF INTEREST – Cities – Kericho

Kericho is a clean, beautiful city in the wet highlands of western Rift Valley. Kericho’s landscape and economy is dominated by tea farming. Prolific tea farms surround Kericho for many kilometers, making the town the center of Kenya’s huge tea market. There are many cheap places to stay in Kericho town. Try the Garden Lodge (# (0361) 20878) on Moi Highway, which offers singles/doubles for KSh 300/450. The Mwalimu Hotel (# (0361) 30039) on Moi Road is also a good deal, with singles/doubles for KSh 400/520. Also a nice place is the Fish Resort, about 20 minute walk outside of town. The turn is signposted on the main road. It has nice rooms, fishing by the river, good food, and very few customers. The best upper-end hotel is the Tea Hotel (# (0361) 30004) on Moi Highway on the way to Nakuru. Singles/Doubles including breakfast are available for KSh 1725/2100, and triples for KSh 2,700. If you want to go out into the tea fields, the people at the Tea Hotel can arrange a tour for you. There’s also the Mid-West Hotel (# (0361) 20611) on John Kericho Rd, but it is overpriced and the service can be bad. Singles/Doubles run 875/1100 with breakfast.

On Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a disco at the Mid-West hotel (say hi to the DJs, Matush and Amadi). Behind Mid-West is the Urwa Inn, with a pool table and nyama choma. Start here before going to Mid-West since the beers are cheap, the entry is free, and the atmosphere is nice. The Mwalimu Bar, at the Mwalimu Hotel is also a fun time, with a pool table and a lot of drunks that are good for a laugh or two. There are many other bars/discos in Kericho, but some, like the Snow Day and Night Club, are not safe after dark.