Kenya – POINTS OF INTEREST – Cities – Eldoret


Eldoret has been growing quickly and there’s an on-going debate whether it has passed Nakuru to become Kenya’s fourth largest city. President Moi has had a big part in the development of Eldoret and has even built an airport there. He is from around that area, and it is the traditional lands of his tribesmen, the Kalenjin. There’s little reason a tourist would stay in Eldoret unless it’s for a short stop-over. If you have to spend the night here, the Mahindi Hotel offers singles/doubles for KSh 300/400 with attached bathrooms. The New Lincoln Hotel is one step up, charging KSh 500/700 for their singles/doubles. The only top-end place in town is the Sirikwa Hotel which asks KSh 3500/4300 for its singles/doubles.
Eldoret is a home of great atletes including kipchoge Keino. It has also the best climate suited to Europeans a and American. Most Educational facilities are located here, among which we have Moi University, and Eldoret Polytechnic just to mention but a few.
Downtown Eldoret