For those Cyprus devotees who know and love the island this introduction may have little to offer other than as a reminder of just what the island is all about. For those not yet familiar with Cyprus, the best (and often used) adjectives that would top the list when writing copy such as this, would undoubtedly include ‘sun-kissed’,’sharply contrasting’,’unhurried’, ‘irresistible’, ‘fascinating’ and such like. This is not to suggest that the island is perfect. Like any venue it has its ‘warts and all’ negative points but, on balance, we suggest that many thousands of visitors have been delighted for every one that has encountered any failings. The people themselves, at the root of Cyprus’s famous hospitality, are a fascinating blend of Roman, Byzantine, Greek and British influenced characteristics and traits. The Cypriots, however, are proud of their individuality and warmth of character. They will welcome strangers into their homes and lives much quicker than those from the countries which influenced Cyprus over the years. The heady mix of Mediterranean weather and cuisine, a low cost of living, and the ease with which one can communicate, makes Cyprus such a favorite among the West Europeans, particularly the British. In many parts of Cyprus you will find a life style little changed from centuries ago, when the pace of life was slower and simple pleasures were gained from an equally simple life. Wherever you travel in Cyprus you will not be far from blossoms, fruit and the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean. Cyprus has made sure it caters for more sophisticated demands with widespread facilities for fishing, golf, cycling, sailing/yachting, swimming, nature treks, and water sports. There can be few more pleasurable experiences than sitting in the open air on a balmy Cyprus night enjoying a full scale ‘meze’ in the company of Greek friends. Eat, drink and be merry, indeed. Although Greek is the national language of Cyprus, English is spoken almost everywhere with the exception of some remote villages. Just bathe in a certain spot when Aphrodite’s rocks stand out of the sea and legend says you will live five years longer. According to Homer Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, was born from the soft sea foam near Paphos. In Paphos itself, take a trip back through Christianity at the St. Paul Pillar and St.Solomon Catacombs Enjoy the picturesque harbour and castle.Authors: TravellingMap, giorgio fountain with the Aphrodite – The Island of Love