James Davis, Chief Technology Officer for spriteCloud Consulting

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James Davis, Chief Technology Officer for spriteCloud Consulting

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James Davis joins spriteCloud as CTO to help drive growth and innovation for QA consulting business.

AMSTERDAM, NOORD HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS, August 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — an Amsterdam-based quality assurance testing and cybersecurity services provider appoints James Davis as the Chief Technology Officer of its consulting group.

As CTO, James plans to support spriteCloud‘s growth strategy by using technical expertise and new technologies to help spriteCloud’s clients through direct and indirect methods. For example, better data utilisation in the sales and operations department would help improve service offerings and client relationships. Investigating new technologies and trends in the quality assurance industry will help spriteCloud offer clients a higher level of service and develop its thought leadership. And finally, as spriteCloud places a lot of emphasis on learning and development, James wants to investigate how we can improve our training programs to help increase the capacity of our roughly 50 consultants.

The goals of the new CTO are aligned with spriteCloud’s strategy of building a community of testers, focusing on the learning and development of its staff, and pushing the boundaries of innovation in software testing.

James joins spriteCloud with 15+ years of experience in the software testing and quality assurance industry, focusing on test automation. In the last five to six years, James has been primarily concerned with defining processes and technologies to incorporate DevOps into organisations. These skills will make him an invaluable asset to spriteCloud’s consulting group.

This is James’ first time working in consultancy, and he feels that his previous experience of hiring and working with external consultants “gives [him] a unique view of the sorts of desires a client would have.” This background “enables us to put their needs first rather than repeating the standard consultancy functions that we’re all used to, and maybe tired of”, says James Davis when asked what unique perspectives he thinks he will bring to spriteCloud.

James decided to join spriteCloud based on his desire to challenge himself to perform at a higher level and address the current challenges spriteCloud faces as it grows. The openness of the management team was the main contributor to him joining spriteCloud.

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