Distributed electronic manufacturing covers medication administration to save lives everywhere

Distributed electronic manufacturing covers medication administration to save lives everywhere

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A Cross Shaped PCB to house FOUR medical sensors or medication vials with injection patch

Marigold Cross with 2 vials x 2 sensors

One of the configuration possibilities. 2 Sensors X 2 Vials with Injection Patch

Three harness styles for carrying Healer-Egg Medicationer with Skin Contact

Three harness styles for carrying Healer-Egg Medicationer with Skin Contact

Distributed electronics manufacturing framework extends to medical sensors and continuous medication administration by modularization via IoT.

Insulin does not belong to me. It belongs to the world.”

— Dr. Frederick Banting

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, December 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Raconteuria extends Missile8964 distributed electronics manufacturing framework to always-on medical sensors and continuous medication administration by injection patch via IoT as medical and sports accessory.

The purpose of Healer-Egg Medicationer, is to expedite the development and lower the cost of medical electronics and advanced IoT drug administration.

Healer-Egg Medicationer shares the main computing and connectivity resources via the Kokoro Motherboard and enjoys the detachable screen and unlimited battery of the open-source Missile8964 ecosystem.

A new PCB arrangement houses four modules in each casing that either monitor vitals or with a partnering vial to computerize and refine medication administration.

Each board or vial is connected via a 24-pin layout with low-cost pins for easy integration using the USB-C protocol and cartridge reassignments and replenishments.

The cross-shaped PCB with four USB-C connections partners with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that draws power from a standard Missile8964 battery with approximately, 6250 mAh capacity.

A standardized opening on the back of the casing allows the sensor of the board to reach naked skin effortlessly and comfortably without limits.

Humanity save more lives by opening up the dimension of the container casing and standardizing the vital sign sensors, drug injection, connectivity, and computing interfaces.

Medical electronic companies can concentrate on the development of the sensor board on a dimension of 38 mm x 2.5 mm that is dedicated to a single vital measurement.

Pharmaceutical companies can concentrate on just encasing their wonderful medications in a standardized vial and injection patch without worrying about the rest of the electronic requirements.

All of the above can be either online or offline and optionally automated through preset algorithm or artificial intelligence, affordably in the immediate future.

Doctors can prescribe medication with minute-dosage correlating to continuously monitored vital signs to optimize concentration in-body and reduce the strain of metabolizing the drug.

The paradigm shift removes the bottleneck of trying to fit required technology in a constrained all-in-one device that relies on a single company to innovate.

Patients no longer wait for the big techs to invent sensor chips that crowds with multiple sensors or integrated into a single diddly-squat chip.

Saving lives is more important than coolness factors via marketing language and supposed progress and inventions that fail to arrive on time for most people.

The complete modularization allows for five configuration possibilities that make available up to four types of sensors and four drugs simultaneously with a single setup.

The distributed nature of the system does not allow any country to monopolize nor weaponize essential electronics and medical essentials manufacturing, and equalize all nations.

An extra benefit of micro-dosages is the easing of the strain on the kidney, that used to be the collateral damages by the drug taken.

Healer-Egg Medicationer can attach in three harness styles currently enjoyed by sports enthusiasts, namely, armband, waistband, and wristband for permanent, yet relocatable skin contact.

Patients enjoy the option of carrying Healer-Egg Medicationer on their choice of carry bag styles that integrate into their daily lives and preferred fashion accessories.

The project will be open-source and all pharmaceutical and electronic professionals are invited to contribute their expertise to make Healer-Egg Medicationer a global reality.

Glucose meters that draw no blood are available, but constrained by physical dimensions to integrate into fashionable consumer electronics and independent development and production is prohibitively expansive.

This is a call for global governments and ethical pharmaceuticals to mass produce insulin with a recently expired insulin patent and commoditize medications for chronic conditions.

Banting, Best and Collip, gave away the original insulin patent for one dollar because they truly cared about humanity and had ethical standards and honor.

“If it is even remotely possible, the money-hungry executioners running pharmaceuticals and medical establishments can start honoring the Hippocratic Oath and be reformed into Medicationers.” — James C. Lin, the founder of “raconteuria – a FOQNE“ and Healer-Egg.live once said.

This Part II of the Healer-Egg_IMF Trilogy protected by the Soliloque License :

I. Healer-Egg_InfoWarden

II. Healer-Egg_Medicationer

III. Healer-Egg_Financier

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Healer-Egg Medicationer – Universal Medication Administration Framework

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