Traveling in Germany this summer, you should know about a great deal for public transportation. The German government introduced the €9 public transportation ticket for the months of June, July, and August.
This means that for €9 per calendar month one person can ride all of the public transportation networks in the country for one calendar month. It is a remarkable deal and perfect for travelers coming to Germany.
When you arrive, you can purchase the ticket at the airport and take the train into the city. You can ride all public transportation in that city and in any other German city during visit WITH THE SAME TICKET The €9 ticket is cheaper than the one-way fare from Munich Airport into the city. It is cheaper than an ABC day ticket in Berlin.
It makes the Welcome Card or and other special deal ticket almost worthless as you would almost never recoup the additional costs with the discounts.
For €9 one can ride all bus, tram, u-bahn, s-bahn, RB, and RE trains in the country for a month.
Long distance trains are not included, so you can’t take any IRE, IC, EC, or ICE trains. Private trains like Flixtrain, and long-distance busses are not included.
There are some details to work out, and it is not clear how the ticket will work outside of Germany. It is pretty clear that the ticket will be valid on the regional trains from Munich to Salzburg.
The tickets are personalized, which means that the traveler has to write their name on the ticket, and the tickets are not transferable to another traveler.

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