2022 Covid Travel Guide Singapore to Germany | Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) & Non-VTL

2022 Covid Travel Guide Singapore to Germany | Vaccinated Travel Lane VTL Non VTL

Here’s what you need know to plan your first travel trip during Covid. Information you will need before you travel, during arrival and after arriving.

Sharing our first trip since the covid pandemic travelling from Singapore to Germany. We flew via Scoot on VTL to Germany and came back with Lufthansa via non-VTL route from France to Singapore.

Here’s our experience and information.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Entry Requirements
01:46 Best Website To Find The Information You’ll Need
03:14 Documents to Prepare
03:52 Covid Requirements For Europe
05:28 Converting Singapore Vaccination Cert to EU Digital COVID Certificate
06:13 Flying back to Singapore VTL and Non VTL
07:48 VTL tests required
08:15 Our Non-VTL experience flying back via General Travel Lane
10:11 Should you still travel?

Flying out from Singapore
Singapore Airlines Website:
VTL Resource:

Flying back to Singapore
Singapore Customs [VTL flights]:
Singapore Customs [Travelling to Singapore]:
SG Arrival card:

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