Denmark – GENERAL INFORMATION – Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Full name: Denmark

         noun: Dane(s)         adjective: Danish


Area          total: 43,094 sq km         water: 700 sq km         note: includes the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea and the rest of metropolitan Denmark (the Jutland Peninsula, and the major islands of Sjaelland and Fyn), but excludes the Faroe Islands and Greenland         land: 42,394 sq km 

Population: 5,432,335 (July 2005 est.)

Ethnic groups  

        Scandinavian         Inuit         Faroese         German         Turkish         Iranian         Somali 

Capital: Copenhagen, population 500,000

Largest Cities  

        Odense – 145,000          Olburg – 120,000

Official Language  

        Danish         Faroese         Greenlandic (an Inuit dialect)         German (small minority)         note: English is the predominant second language


        Evangelical Lutheran 95%         other Protestant          Roman Catholic 3%         Muslim 2%

Political system: Kingdom

GDP: purchasing power parity – $174.4 billion (2004 est.) 

GDP per head: purchasing power parity – $32,200 (2004 est.)

Annual growth: 2.1% (2004 est.) 

GDP – composition by sector  

        agriculture: 2.2%         industry: 25.5%         services: 72.3% (2004 est.) 

Inflation: 1.4% (2004 est.)