The best Scenery from Mont Faron, Toulon, France.

The best Scenery from Mont Faron Toulon France

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Mont Faron is a mountain overlooking the city and roadstead of Toulon, France. It is 584m high. At its peak is a memorial dedicated to the 1944 Allied landings in Provence, and to the liberation of Toulon.

Overlooking the city of Toulon, Mont Faron is a place that you will certainly enjoy discovering. Accessible by road or by cable car, it offers a splendid view of the region. On its heights, you can enjoy the memorial allowing you to retrace part of the history of Provence. You can also stroll along hiking trails, discover some shops and terraces as well as the sanctuary of Notre Dame du Faron. Mount Faron is a place very popular with locals and our vacationers.

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