New Luxury Awards Gala 2022 to Support Murano Glass Makers

New Luxury Awards Gala 2022 to Support Murano Glass Makers

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Invitation New Luxury Awards Gala Dinner for Murano

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Each year the New Luxury Awards encourage the development of new sustainable perfumes and packaging following the New Luxury Code.

The value of this tradition, this history and this culture is priceless. It goes beyond the financial value of the glass industry in Murano. Over 1,000 years of culture can’t stop with a gas issue.”

— Muriel Balensi, Glass Maker in Murano.

PARIS, FRANCE, May 31, 2022 / — This year, The Finalists of the 3rd Edition of the New Luxury Awards will meet in Paris on July 1. Organised the International Perfume Foundation, the Gala Ceremony will support Murano Glass Makers, an Endangered Heritage.

Surging methane prices in Italy are putting glassblowing businesses in the line of fire for financial losses, the Associated Press reported. The price for the methane that powers the glassblowing ovens has skyrocketed five-fold on the global market. The glassblowers of Murano, who have dozens of furnaces on the lagoon island, must use methane to burn around the clock or the costly crucible inside the ovens will break. And it is the only gas that the glassblowers are permitted to use, law. They are caught in a global commodities Catch-22.

“People are desperate,” said Gianni De Checchi, president of Venice’s association of artisans Confartigianato. “If it continues like this, and we don’t find solutions to the sudden and abnormal gas prices, the entire Murano glass sector will be in serious danger.” Methane costs are going from a normal bill of around 11,000 euros to 13,000 euros a month to 60,000 euros.

“ Murano is an important heritage we need to protect » said Creezy Courtoy IPF Founder and Chair. Thanks to the commercial connections from the 11th century with Alexandria never having stopped producing since the Roman era, Venice acquired Mastery of Glass. The Italians attempted to manufacture glass in the City of Venice but Dodges and Senators were so afraid of fires that they instructed the transfer of Venetian glassware to a mandatory distance from dwellings. This unachievable restriction due to the smallness and narrowness of available sites gave a monopoly to the island of Murano’s artisans.

The glass trade was so important in the worldwide economy that Venice condemned master glassmakers of the island to isolate them in order to preserve their manufacturing secrets. Anyone leaving the island was sentenced to jail and any divulging of secrets led to the death penalty.

The inhabitants of Murano owned a golden book to write down the families originating from the island. The girls could marry noble practitioners of Venice and their descendants were noble even if they were glassmakers. At the beginning of the 13th century, the Island of Murano led the trade of Venetian glass and the production of pearls and bottles. The Mission of the International Perfume Foundation is to protect the heritage of Perfume. Murano is part of it “

Who will be the winners of the The New Luxury Awards this year? The Finalists are:

For Sustainable Packaging Respecting the New Luxury Code:
Paco Rabanne Phantom designed Pierre Dinand and Louis Vuitton Les Extraits designed Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry

For Sustainable Perfumes Respecting the New Luxury Code:
In the Student and Graduate Category: William S Wijaya from Jakarta, Indonesia, with Rondo Sandyakala, a fresh amber leathery perfume type and Vedrana Perhoc from Zagreb, Croatia, with Pluie d’été, a fresh citrus cologne
In the Perfumer Category: Anuja François Raja from Paris, France, with Elixir of Heaven, a sweet powdery oriental perfume, Martina Godnic, from Komen, Slovenia, with Blossom, a sweet citrus oriental perfume and Mei Ching Chen (Kristin Chen), from Taipe, Taiwan, with Love is Respect, a fresh floral perfume
In the Brand Category: Flowering Pharmacy, Tennessee, USA with Surinam composed Françoise Rapp and Xila Apothic from Hyderabad, India with White composed Siri Kudaravalli.

Natural Perfumery is becoming more and more popular amongst new perfumers who understand the need to reconnect with nature as well as consumers growing demand for more sustainable Perfumes.
Sustainable packaging is still an issue for the industry, as to be recyclable all elements have to be separated. This is why this year, the jury has selected collectible perfume bottles.
More info about sustainable packaging:

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