MetaCampione is Disrupting the P2E, Metaverse & Gaming Industries

MetaCampione is Disrupting the P2E, Metaverse & Gaming Industries

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/EIN News/ — Paris, France, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quick Intro

  • MetaCampione is doing what no one has ever tried before! Breaking the luck model in P2E Games and introducing Fair P2E Metaverse MMORPG Game!
  • MetaCampione also offers unique NFTs (Characters) to mint and start playing and earning.
  • 40%+ of the total MetaCampione token $MCA supply is for staking & In-Game Rewards.

Play-to-earn in general has helped thousands to make a living. There are some Metaverse P2E games but they’re rewarding their players based on luck, rarity or heavy investing. No one has already made or tried to make a MMORPG P2E in the Metaverse or even challenged the reward system to make it fair. MetaCampione has managed to secure a huge funding and gathered the dream team to make all of that possible; creating a fun to play Metaverse MMORPG P2E with no barriers for players to play and putting everyone on the same level to let dedication and skill rule the reward system.

How can you earn in MetaCampione?

MetaCampione’s vision was always to create a fair, enjoyable game in the metaverse and all decisions made from the start of the project were designed to make it the biggest fair earning and fun game in the metaverse and crypto world.

You can earn :

  • Player v/s player (PVP): Players can select their fraction, fight for their tribe, hunt enemies, and earn tokens.
  • Player v/s monster (PVM): Players can fight Meta monsters and earn experience, tokens, and rare gears.
  • Quests: Every player can interact with the NPC (non-player character), presenting surprising reward-earning missions.
  • Dungeons: Players can team up with other MetaCampione champions to conquer dungeon bosses and receive rare gears and tokens.

MetaCampione token ($MCA) and tokenomics

Players can earn a $MCA token to purchase in-game gears, NFTs (Characters), stake it or hold it in their wallet or swap the token anytime in any exchange.

The token has high utility and can be used for:

  • Purchase in-game items like skins, character NFTs, in-game services, land, and gears.
  • Earn tokens playing the game hunting champions, fighting monsters, winning complex dungeons, and more.
  • Earn staking rewards simply holding the tokens. The Apy is expected to be 5000%+ for early stakers.
  • The token holders can participate in the decentralized governance process deciding revenue application, game development, and growth.
  • Players need $MCA to mint NFTs or purchase NFTs to join the Metacampione Metaverse.
  • MetaCampione also offers NFT flipping & rental.

MetaCampione NFTs

The platform has some interesting NFT characters like Archer, Wizard, Warrior, Assasin, and Berserker. The team will reveal the characters in the upcoming phases.

To begin, players can mint their NFT, a custom character at the first level or they can purchase an already leveled up and geared up character from the marketplace to earn more quickly.

Listing the NFTs in the marketplace is also possible where players can sell or level up their characters and sell them for huge profit. The players can also choose to put their gears in the marketplace. The rarest the gear, the higher the price.


MetaCampione has a doxxed, very skilled, dedicated and experienced team that 100% believe in MetaCampione & CEO vision.

They already managed to create multiple successful games before and now they’re working on creating what has never been done before.


MetaCampione CEO managed to secure a huge funding to make the impossible happen. They’re planning to spend a huge budget on marketing to reach global adoption.

They’re expected to be top 10 Metaverse Gaming Projects after global adoption.


is currently in its first development phase. The developers have completed their private presale, website, and social media launch. 

They will soon host a fair public presale IDO where players do not have to lock any amount to participate.

For details about the public presale, whitelisting, and airdrops, follow MetaCampione on:








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The post MetaCampione is Disrupting the P2E, Metaverse & Gaming Industries first appeared on Siver News.

The post MetaCampione is Disrupting the P2E, Metaverse & Gaming Industries first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

France - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at France - Amsterdam Aesthetics