How to Travel to France in 2022 and Deal with Covid Health Pass – Pass Sanitaire

How to Travel to France in 2022 and Deal with Covid Health Pass – Pass Sanitaire

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Can you travel to France right now with Covid restrictions? Yes. But, how can Americans and Non-Europeans get a French Health Pass, or Pass Sanitaire? We’ll show you how to get the pass, and how to use it. So, you can safely plan your travel to Europe in 2022. Our videos and smart travel advice help you deal with the ever-changing Covid travel challenges.
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Nov. 29, 2021: French Health Passes for Americans and Non-Europeans are no longer issued online (there are exceptions for students studying in France). You can only obtain the pass visiting an authorized site within France, typically pharmacies or related healthcare providers. You need to bring your original paper vaccination certificate and your passport. You will be granted a health pass that is valid for the duration of your visit to France. The cost is 36 Euros. Your French health pass is also valid for use in other European countries. If you are not vaccinated, you can take a rapid Covid test at a pharmacy, and a health pass valid for 3 days will be issued.

How to get a French Health Pass (for Americans and Non-Europeans):

List of Sites and requirements for obtaining a Health Pass:

More French Health Pass Information:

During the 2021 peak travel season in Europe, Covid 19 had taken a big bite out of tourism. In France where we travelled for 3 months during the Autumn, there were very few Americans. But yes, travel and tourism is still very possible in France. Many Western European countries initiated a green pass system that allows people to enter restaurants, bars, cafes, as well as ride public transportation. Yes, you even need it to board a train or bus. Without it, you will be denied entry, even at a local restaurant.

While it’s not difficult to get the pass if you’re a European national, the BIG question is: Can Americans and Non-Europeans obtain a health pass? You can’t function or move around in the region without it. Yes, Americans and Non-Europeans can get the pass, but it’s not widely publicized.

In France for example, the pass is called a “Pass Sanitaire”, or Health Pass. Until recently, non-Europeans could not get one, mainly for technical and administrative reasons. But toward the end of Summer 2021, Americans and Non-Europeans were able to get a pass online (no longer available online as of November 2021). Another way to get the Health pass is to visit a Covid testing site within France, like a pharmacy. As long as you test negative, you’ll be granted a health pass. But it’s only valid for 3 days.

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Peut-on voyager en France dès maintenant avec les restrictions Covid ? Oui. Mais, comment les Américains et les Non-Européens peuvent-ils obtenir un Pass Santé français, ou Pass Sanitaire ? Nous vous montrerons comment obtenir le pass et comment l’utiliser. Ainsi, vous pouvez planifier en toute sécurité votre voyage en Europe en 2022. Nos vidéos et nos conseils de voyage vous aident à faire face aux défis de voyage Covid en constante évolution.

29 nov 2021 : les Pass Santé Français pour les Américains et les Non-Européens ne sont plus délivrés en ligne. Vous ne pouvez obtenir le pass qu’en visitant un site autorisé en France, généralement des pharmacies ou des prestataires de soins de santé apparentés. Vous devez apporter votre certificat de vaccination papier original et votre passeport. Un abonnement santé vous sera délivré, valable pendant toute la durée de votre séjour en France. Le coût est de 36 euros. Votre abonnement santé français est également valable dans d’autres pays européens. Si vous n’êtes pas vacciné, vous pouvez faire un test rapide Covid en pharmacie, et un pass sanitaire valable 3 jours vous sera délivré.

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