Do NOT Move to Denmark! | 9 Reasons Why a Danish Life Isn’t for You

Do NOT Move to Denmark! 9 Reasons Why a Danish Life Isn’t for You
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SPOILER ALERT: Living in Denmark is NOT for everyone. Maybe you should not move to Denmark.

In this video we examine 9 reasons why moving to Denmark might not be for you. Sure, we love living in Denmark, but we wanted to identify reasons NOT to move to Denmark. The idea is that maybe we can help people determine if a Danish life is right for them or not.

No country is perfect, and every destination is full of pros and cons for the people living there. This certainly applies to Denmark and here are 9 reasons not to move to Denmark.

1. Don’t move to Denmark if you want to master Dansih. It’s possible, but Danes may want to just speak English to you – especially because you will have an accent and struggle with pronunciation.

2. Don’t move to Denmark if you can’t adjust to the climate. It’s likely colder, wetter, and greyer than wherever you are moving from.

3. Don’t move to Denmark if you can’t handle the dark winter and extra daylight in the summer. The light balance is very different than what we were used to growing up in the northeast USA. It may be the same for you.

4. A Danish life isn’t right for you if you love mountains and winter sporting activities. Many people think of Scandinavia as mountains and fjords – but Denmark is rather flat and there won’t be much skiing for you here.

5. Don’t move to Denmark and expect to “be Danish”. It just won’t happen like that, and you shouldn’t give up your own culture to adopt Danish culture.

6. A Danish life isn’t for you if you can’t adapt to Danish foods and food culture. Many Danish traditions involve food, and they’ll all take a little adaptation PLUS you may not find your foods from your home country very easily.

7. Don’t move to Denmark if you can’t be around drinking. Danes like to drink and many traditions in Denmark include alcohol, toasts, shots, or general drinking. Sure, you can stay sober, but it can be overwhelming at first.

8. Reconsider adopting a new Danish life if you are a super ambitious person, especially if you brag and like to show off your success. It won’t fit in well in Danish culture.

9. Don’t move to Denmark if you’re overly outgoing with strangers and new people. If you’re super extroverted and think you can make friends everywhere you go, you may come off too strong for the Danes.

Intro – 0:00
Learning Danish – 0:25
Danish Weather – 2:13
The Light Balance – 3:26
No Mountains in Denmark – 5:17
You Want to be Danish – 6:38
Danish Food – 8:07
Drinking in Denmark – 9:29
Over-Ambition – 11:13
Overly Friendly? – 13:14
Final Thoughts – 15:06

Inspired this video about not moving to Norway @Anna Goldman:

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The post Do NOT Move to Denmark! 9 Reasons Why a Danish Life Isn't for You first appeared on Siver News.

The post Do NOT Move to Denmark! 9 Reasons Why a Danish Life Isn’t for You first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.