The Culture of Costa Rica LIVE Event

The Culture of Costa Rica LIVE Event
The Culture of Costa Rica LIVE Event

In this video titled “The Culture of Costa Rica” Allen will expose SHOCKING things you didn’t know about the Costa Rican locals. Information that every tourist and those who want to live in Costa Rica should know before coming to Costa Rica.

Attend LIVE on Sun, May 29, at 4 pm Costa Rica


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While most people will say that Ticos (Costa Rica Locals) are the most friendly and kind people…is there an ulterior motive?

Does the culture of Costa Rica have dark secrets you should be aware of?

Why is it that so many houses seem to be locked up in their own penitentiary? Tall walls, fences and concertina wire that looks like it came from enemy lines.

While Costa Rica is beautiful and many of the locals are indeed nice, friendly and non confrontational. It’s not true for all of them.

You can join us for this LIVE Broadcast and discover FACTS that nobody else is exposing.

​To discover videos that NOBODY else talks about….

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My goal is to help answer your questions about “Living in Costa Rica.”
Thanks so much for watching and remember,

Some say, “Knowledge is Power” – NOT TRUE…
I say, “Applied Knowledge, that’s Your SuperPower”

You are blessed!
Allen Richa’rd

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