MASSIVE cyberattacks on Costa Rica! State of emergency declared |

MASSIVE cyberattacks on Costa Rica! State of emergency declared |
MASSIVE cyberattacks on Costa Rica! State of emergency declared |

Costa Rica declares a state of emergency over Conti cyberattack !

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President Rodrigo Chaves signed the decree on a national cybersecurity emergency on his first day in office.

Conti started operating in late 2019, and it runs Conti.News data leak site. The group gets initial access through stolen RDP credentials and phishing emails with malicious attachments.

Experts believe that Conti attacks resemble tactics seen in nation-state attacks. The groups also rely on human-operated attacks instead of increasingly popular automated intrusions.

President Chaves was inaugurated on May 8 and declared a state of emergency due to cyberattacks on his first day in office.

The presidential decree declares a national emergency in the entire public sector. It is meant to provide the state with additional resources to combat the fallout from a Conti cyberattack the country suffered in April.

Last month, the group attacked the Government of Costa Rica, severely impacting the country’s foreign trade by disrupting its customs and taxes platforms.

The attackers stole over 670 gigabytes of data from government institutions and had been gradually leaking the information since mid-April. The Ministry of Finance was the first to suffer from the attack, sparking fears that hackers got a hold of taxpayer information.

Costa Rica’s treasury has been operating without digital service since April 18, which means that businesses and citizens have to fill in forms manually, severely overloading the public sector.

According to a post on Conti’s leak site shared by Emisoft’s threat analyst Bret Callow, is leaking data stolen from the Costa Rican government because the country refused to succumb to threat actors’ ransom demands.

The statement reads that – “The purpose of this attack was to earn money, in the future I will definitely carry out attack of a more serious format with a larger team. Costa Rica – is a demo version”

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