LPI Most Innovative Design Award presented to Key Custom Homes of Texas

LPI Most Innovative Design Award presented to Key Custom Homes of Texas
LPI Most Innovative Design Award presented to Key Custom Homes of Texas

Key’s custom home design/build in Denton, TX. – Protected with a lightning protection system.

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The unique home design created many design and installation challenges.

Lightning Protection Institute recognizes those individuals and firms who provide the highest quality expertise and innovation for lightning protection systems.

Early coordination in a project is vital to the proper installation and function of a lightning protection system.”

— Tim Harger, LPI Executive Director and LPI-IP Program Manager

LIBERTYVILLE, IL, USA, June 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — LPI’s Most Innovative Design Award 2022 for a residential property is presented to Kent Key of Key Custom Homes and LPI Members, Heath Howe and Renee Landers of Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd of Texas.

Collaboration is essential to the design and implementation of lightning protection systems. Many different disciplines are involved throughout a project to ensure the proper installation and function of a lightning protection system: architects, engineers, building enclosure consultants, facility managers, certified installers and more. The Lightning Protection Institute’s Most Innovative Design Awards recognizes LPI Members and an outside individual or firm for their collaboration on the design and installation of a lightning protection system.

The teamwork between Key Custom Homes and Bonded can be seen in the design and installation success with this custom home in Denton, Texas. The unique design of this house created specific areas of installation and limited access that challenged the expertise of both the designers and certified installers. Problem-solving and creativity with Key’s Project Manager were critical in determining efficient, inconspicuous routing/placement of the downleads and cables. Read more and see more pictures at https://lightning.org/news/.

For specifications and local certified installers, please visit our website at https://lightning.org. Questions? Please email the Lightning Protection Institute at [email protected]. For the most comprehensive 3rd party inspection, please contact the Lightning Protection Institute – Inspection Program (LPI-IP) at [email protected].

Key Custom Homes is focused on the design and build of custom homes and commercial properties. (Denton, Texas) https://keycustomhomes.com

Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd provides resources for the completion of lightning protection systems and grounding systems in Argyle, TX(HQ) and throughout the United States. https://www.bondedlp.com

Contact information for Bonded and other LPI Members/certified installers and contractors near you: https://lightning.org/about/find-a-contractor/

The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) is a national organization leading the way to establish the highest standards and to support our members in the design, installation, and inspection of lightning protection systems.

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