Costa Rica-Health Pass & Travel Ins. DONE April 1st QR Codes, Mask Mandates

Costa Rica-Health Pass & Travel Ins. DONE April 1st QR Codes, Mask Mandates
Costa Rica-Health Pass & Travel Ins. DONE April 1st QR Codes, Mask Mandates

#QRcode #travelinsucrance #vaccinemandates ‘Costa Rica-Health Pass & Travel Ins. DONE April 1st QR Codes, Mask Mandates’ To me it’s taken too long but at least, now, Costa Rica is schduled to lift most covid restrictions April 1st… and no, it’s not an early April Fool’s joke. As of April 1st they will no longer require tourists to fill out the health pass and obtain travel insurance for non vaxxed folks to enter Costa Rica. This will definitely help with not only tourism but for people from countries like Canada, Germany, Australia and the United States who are not happy with the direction their country is going in. Costa Rica is making Costa Rica a very fiable option.

“Mask mandates, curfews and capacity restrictions for businesses, are now a thing of the past for many countries, whose only desire is to leave the pandemic behind and go back to their normal lives.

As Costa Rica navigates the omicron wave, President Carlos Alvarado indicated that the current measures could be eliminated in the next couple of weeks. According to the President, the data suggests the country’s situation is likely to improve, making some restrictions unnecessary.”

From the Tico Times-

The elimination of restrictions starts with driving on March 7

President Carlos Alvarado announced the news Wednesday via social media and the presidential website:

“We are monitoring data on infections and hospitalizations and we realize that there is a slow down in the number of infections. We have made progress with the vaccinations and there are already some nine million vaccines that have been applied, that is why we made this decision,” said President Alvarado.

Costa Rica first established national driving restrictions in April 2020 to reduce non-essential travel and the spread of the coronavirus.

Costa Rica’s driving restrictions will be reduced and then eliminated starting March as follows:

March 1-6:

The driving restrictions for all of Costa Rica will be from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 m.n. to 5:00 a.m. during the day and during the week applies only to the San José ring road. (Exception letters apply)

As of March 7:

Vehicle restrictions are eliminated as well as the health pass for nationals arriving in Costa Rica. Only random checks will be done on foreigners.

Businesses and Activities for the month of March:

The voluntary use of the QR Code continues for stores, restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters and social events are maintained.

For sports, cultural, academic and business activities, as well as discotheques, dance halls and nightclubs, the capacity can now be 100% when requesting the QR Code and to 50% without the use of the QR Code.

As of April 1

For all tourists coming to Costa Rica, the health pass and the insurance requirement for unvaccinated foreigners will be eliminated and all activities and events will be able to operate at 100% capacity without requiring the use of a QR Code.

The President also wanted to make clear that although the health measures will undergo some changes, the use of a facemask will stay in place until further notice.

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