Tourist Guide for important places to visit in Cuba

The Institute of Historical Memory against Totalitarianism Cuban, based in Miami, published a guidebook for Americans traveling to Cuba where they can visit places where the government of Cuba committed acts against human rights.

The guide will have the name of tour guide to visit important places in Cuba and contain information of the landmarks of the past and present dissent, EFE said. The Institute of Cuban Historical Memory against Totalitarianism 20,000 copies printed and distributed in travel agencies in Miami to be distributed among travelers.

The purpose of the guide is to provide US travelers with a booklet containing the places that might be interesting to know the history of the island and that would not be shown to him by Cuba tourism agencies. Many also serna brochures sent to Cuba for dissidents distributed to tourists visiting the island.

Among the places mentioned in the guide is the church of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, in Havana, where he was killed the young Catholic Arnaldo Covadonga; dock port which sailed the “Spanish ship Covadonga with more than a hundred priests expelled by the revolutionary government in 1961”; Mazorra Psychiatric Hospital; Rule municipality where the tug March 13 that was sunk by the authorities and where several people were killed trying to flee the country.

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