Richard Gurewitsch’s Companies Showcase Why Communication is More Important Than Ever

Richard Gurewitsch, Immigrant and Entrepreneur, Knows the Importance of Communicating Through Distances

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2020 / — In the current climate with social distancing and quarantining during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, communicating with friends and loved ones is more important than ever, yet more difficult than ever. When entrepreneur and founder and CEO of LlamaCuba and HaitiPhone, Richard Gurewitsch, founded his companies, he knew the importance and need to talk to those that aren’t always physically close to us.

Richard Gurewitsch’s companies all revolve around one vital reason: communication. Before there was a great way to talk to those living in latin countries such as Cuba, he solved this issue with LlamaCuba, his telecommunications company. What followed next was HaitiPhone, which followed LlamaCuba’s footsteps to help open up communication to and from Haiti. The SBG Network Group LLC, which Richard Gurewitsch also founded, takes these same principles and encompasses the same services in the Telecommunication, Internet, and virtual travel industries.

“As an immigrant myself, I know the importance of being able to talk to family and friends that reside in a different country than the one we live in. I founded these companies to help out a traditionally under-served community of people,” Richard Gurewitsch says. “My focus was always to help underserved immigrant sectors in the USA and Europe to promote and have affordable access to communicating with their families in their original countries.”

Now that people are limited to travel or visit people during the current COVID-19 pandemic, having affordable and accessible ways to access and communicate with people we know and love in other countries is more valued and appreciated than ever. Thanks to people like Richard Gurewitsch, people who didn’t take this for granted before were given permission to do the same.

Richard Gurewitsch, who currently lives in Miami, Florida, is an immigrant himself. When other phone companies ignored the sectors of the market that needed communication with their immigrant families the most, Richard Gurewitsch worked tirelessly to provide a solution for them. As soon as communication between the United States and Cuba was allowed, Gurewitsch got started on making communication possible through telecommunication services. Once that company was established and proven successful, he kept working to do the same for those in other under-served countries as well.

It is companies such as the ones Richard Gurewitsch founded that shows us the importance of communicating, which is something everyone desperately needs–especially now.

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