How this CMO Gets the Most from Acuity’s Tools

How this CMO Gets the Most from Acuity’s Tools

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How this CMO Gets the Most from Acuity’s Tools: Dominic Poynter, CMO LearnFX

One of the most recent FinTechs to choose Acuity and its cutting-edge solutions is Dubai-based firm,

Acuity helps to provide a holistic view of the markets which means that our traders are empowered to make informed decisions.”

— Dominic Poynter, CMO LearnFX

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 22, 2022 / — One of the most recent FinTechs to choose Acuity and its cutting-edge solutions is a Dubai-based firm that offers high-quality education and market research to empower traders, With a history of over 10 years, the group was looking for a resource- and time-efficient means to support traders with deep insights into the financial markets with their new education brand. This is when Dominic Poynter entered the picture.

The newly appointed CMO of this group of brokerage brands has over 17 years of experience in the financial services industry, with a specialization in sales and marketing. He began his journey in digital marketing for the FX segment in 2005. Today, Dominic is one of the most respected CMOs in the industry. His key objective is to drive customer acquisition for the brokerage brands within the Group, powered by a cutting-edge portal that makes these brands the go-to choice for traders, not just for education but also for trading inspiration and deep research.

Dominic has been associated with several service providers , including Acuity, since his sales and marketing days. [DP5] [ET6] I recently met with Dominic in Cyprus to learn more about his passion for the industry and what he looks for when choosing to partner with other companies.

What do you look for when choosing a service provider?

“Working consistently with people with whom you’ve developed a relationship with over the years eases communication. You learn to trust each other’s judgment to drive product innovation and business growth with the end user in mind. You have peace of mind that your long-term partners understand your business and your target audience, leading to quick and seamless solutions,” stated Dominic. “This is just the kind of trusting relationship I’ve built with Acuity.”

What is it about Acuity that keeps you coming back?

I have a great appreciation for their product ideas, which are extremely useful for traders of all skill and experience levels.

The best part is that they keep upgrading and innovating with their solutions. For instance, Acuity has now integrated Signal Centre’s signals into its platform. I believe it is a game changer that has the power to drive clients to our brokerages,” he went on to add.

Can you describe what impact Acuity’s products have had in reaching your objectives?

The innovative and custom-designed Trump versus Biden sentiment landing page, developed for the 2020 US elections, delivered excellent trader responses. It showed how asset prices were being affected by mass sentiment during the election campaign. So much so that it became an effective lead generation landing page, driving high registrations and deposits.

The priority of any brokerage platform is to offer tools that do not look alien or outsourced. Acuity’s products are highly flexible and customizable, so that brokers can build relationships by providing a complete brand experience. Brokers can choose the tools they wish to offer their clients plus their widgets and APIs offer effortless integration, with minimal effort needed from the brokerage to deploy the tools for their clients.

How do your traders feel about the products?

Acuity helps to provide a holistic view of the markets which means that our traders are empowered to make informed decisions.

Additionally, when integrated with their Signals tool, it helps traders understand why a signal is pointing in a particular direction but perhaps most importantly with their Signals it is proven to drive a win ratio of at least 2:1, along with providing clear transparency on the trade idea. Plus, their Signals are provided in an FCA-licensed web view that ensures compliance, which is really reassuring.

They have also redefined Calendars which are generally cumbersome and time-consuming to scroll through and extract relevant information. Acuity engages traders with the presentation of data and a multitude of filters for the trader to get only what they need to know about their chosen assets. Their recently launched Corporate Calendar provides information regarding upcoming company events, including earnings reports, along with key historical information which has never been available before in the same way. The Economic Calendar can also be customised to present information regarding upcoming economic releases associated with specific markets, such as forex.

Little things like this make such a huge difference to the traders’ experience and how they learn and gather knowledge about what’s happening and why.

How do you plan to integrate Acuity’s tools at

Acuity’s tools are very versatile when it comes to integration and they continue to innovate in this area which really helps us to support our traders with the highest quality education, personalised notifications, and real-time market research and analysis.

Acuity’s proprietary technology makes emails incredibly dynamic, since the content is refreshed to present the latest information whenever the recipient opens the mail. This means that the client gets relevant, updated data each time they view the email. Receiving signals and research directly into their inbox, means that this is a tool that can help support a client through every stage of their investment journey.

We deliver notifications to our clients through the Streaming API, while also looking to integrate the tools within our marketing automation software. I believe that doing so will help the Group manage the analytics and optimise data use for strategic decision making.

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