Ethereum Merge and Which Crypto to Mine Now as BitcoinZ, Ergo, Flux, Ravencoin & BTG ‘re Fighting for the Mining Crown

Ethereum Merge and Which Crypto to Mine Now as BitcoinZ, Ergo, Flux, Ravencoin & BTG ‘re Fighting for the Mining Crown

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Which would be the gain for each asset among the most profitable to mine ones, in different scenarios

Gains for each asset (BitcoinZ, Ravencoin, Flux , Ergo and BTG) if they had Monero’s capitalization 10-9-2022

Information snapshot for the most profitable coins to mine on September 10 2022

The advantages of the BitcoinZ Ecosystem for its users and miners.

Every year BitcoinZ's Community releases a calendar on BTCZ's birthday presenting some of the most important moments that took place for the Project during the last year

BitcoinZ 5 Years Anniversary Calendar: The most important moments of the 5th year of life for BitcoinZ

There are thousands of miners now wondering what is the best coin to mine now that Ethereum is switching to Proof of Stake so it won’t be mineable anymore

The mineable coins that consistently stand out in the profitability list of Whattomine for more than 3 years are BitcoinZ (BTCZ) , Ravencoin (RVN), ERGO (ERG), FLUX (FLUX) and BitcoinGold (BTG).”

— BitcoinZ Community

LONDON, KNIGHTSBRIDGE, UK, September 14, 2022 / — The so called Ethereum’s “Merge” is here.
Ethereum,  the currently most popular mineable Proof of Work cryptocurrency network, is switching to the Proof of Stake protocol for a series of reasons so it ceases to be “mineable” by Computers.

Right now there are thousands of miners who strongly believe in the Proof of Work protocol and Decentralization which are the pillars of the original cryptocurrency idea. They now wonder which cryptocurrency network they should join after Ehereum with their PCs.

A quite difficult decision as we have unnumbered projects in a chaotic Crypto World.

Hopefully there are some filters that can help us to separate the top options.

First of all let’s make clear that the most self proclaimed “crypto assets” out there have no relation with what Bitcoin introduced as the first cryptocurrency.

Most of them are not created by mining but are issued by a founder who is allocating the whole supply into his own wallet before selling it as the next “technological miracle” with several marketing tricks. Then the founder makes a new project repeating the procedure and this is how we ended up with so many scams which are called “rug pulls” in the Cryptocurrency World.

So the mineable coins, those that follow the Bitcoin’s Decentralized PoW model are only just a small percentage today because they are usually much more resistant to “rug pulls” so the aspirant fraudulent crypto founders prefer launching tokens and other non-mineable assets for making their plans easier.

By this first filter we have almost removed the 90% of all digital assets. Those that practically cannot be mined.

For the remaining assets we have another couple of filters:

Whattomine is a platform that constantly monitors the most profitable coins to mine by calculating the coins that you get with each GPU model and their current value. Thus any miner can easily track a list with the top profitable to mine coins. However, profitability changes significantly fast, so visiting Whattomine just for a couple of times or weeks is not going to give the bigger image and the truly most profitable assets to mine.

This is a procedure that has to be repeated during many months, multiple times and for different GPU models in order to find the coins that consistently are the most profitable to mine. Projects that are not in the list just because of a short lived trend or for a few weeks.

Besides that, longer life for any cryptocurrency network is considered a very big advantage. It means a lot for the power of its community, the safety of the network and most importantly the integrity of its foundation rules. According to statistics, less than 5% of new crypto projects make it to stay alive for more than 1 year and dramatically less projects achieve to have a prosperous Community after 3 years.

So which are the most profitable coins to mine according to Whattomine platform ?

The mineable coins that consistently stand out in the profitability list of Whattomine for more than 3 years are BitcoinZ (BTCZ) , Ravencoin (RVN), ERGO (ERG), FLUX (FLUX) and BitcoinGold (BTG).

Each of these projects has a good story to tell about development and features that anyone who is interested can find in their relevant sites.

All projects implement ASIC resistant algos, something that enables a user with an average PC to support their networks with the mining procedure, earning meaningful rewards in coins.

However, the critical questions are :

1) In which network there are higher coin rewards right now ?

2) Which crypto among them has the potential for highest gains in the future ?

In which network you can gain more coins right now ?

The number of coins that a miner can earn by using his PC in a crypto network depends on two parameters.

The mining “difficulty” level in each network and the emissions model that each cryptocurrency has.

The difficulty is associated with the number of miners that antagonize each other. When the Network’s hash rate is higher, there are more miners mining the coin so each miner is getting much fewer coins. Usually most popular coins get much more attention so their networks’ difficulty is much higher, leading to significantly fewer coins as rewards because each block reward is distributed to many more people.

The emissions halving is another important parameter. This has to do with the pace that each Project has for reducing the block rewards over time in order to control inflation.

For example BitcoinZ follows the same successful and fair model that the classic Bitcoin introduced with halvings every 4 years. So every four years, the number of coins for each block reward is reduced by -50%. This a very balanced way to reduce the emissions and parallelly is giving enough time to more people who discover the network and join it receiving meaningful mining rewards.

Usually, projects that have a much faster reduction of their emissions offer bigger rewards to the “early” miners and much lower rewards to everyone else with a very unfair balance. In order to find out if a project has a more fair emission curve we have to check the percentage of the already mined coins in relation with the maximum coin supply. For example a project that is younger than another one but has a bigger percentage of already mined coins uses a more “speculative” emission curve and results to much smaller coin rewards for anyone who is going to mine it now.

To sum up, joining a project that has high difficulty (already many miners in its network) leads to extremely fewer coins as daily mining rewards and the situation is even worse for projects that have questionably higher percentage of already mined coins for their age (like Ergo).

Which cryptocurrency has the potential for the highest gains in the future ?

This is the most important aspect for a miner and combined with the aforementioned, it can make a huge difference for a miner’s gains in the long term. In the world of cryptocurrencies it’s very usual to see an extreme “hype” from several groups of people, the so called “shilling” with which they try to create an excitement about a crypto for upcoming huge gains.

However mathematics are relentless and every price scenario for each asset has to be well documented, based on numbers like the current valuation, the supply for each asset and of course on their fundamentals and certain events.

A recent popular example of a meaningless “shilling” wave was the “fame” that Luna (today Luna Classic -LUNC), after its price crash from $120 to fractions of $ cents, was going to regain a value between $10 to $50. These “influencers” were intentionally hiding the fact that LUNC hadn’t a fixed maximum supply ! So with its “new” current 6,904,017,889,662 supply, even a price of $0.01 is a next to impossible scenario as it would lead this questionable “crypto” to the third place in the list of the most precious crypto.

This wave of shilling led and still leads many unsuspected buyers to consider LUNC as a “bargain”! They spend funds in order to get an extremely overvalued and useless token that has huge risk to fall and very limited potential for any future gains.

So how we can effectively calculate the potential gains for each asset among the most profitable to mine ?

By Mathematics!

First of all we must track which is the most undervalued coin right now by finding the Market Capitalization for each one and which are their potential gains or losses in different scenarios.

The market capitalization of an asset can be found by multiplying the number of the asset’s units (supply) x their value.

In the relevant article’s diagram we have taken 4 different scenarios with each of the mineable assets that we examine ending to the 500th, the 100th , the 50th and the 25th position of the market capitalization list ( in the future.

In the worst scenario, where each asset gets the 500th position , Ravencoin, Ergo, Flux and BitcoinGold would suffer losses of about -94%, -88%, -91% and -93% respectively. This means that for each $1 that the miner has spent for energy in order to mine (or a buyer in order to buy) these assets today, they would have just 6 cents, 12 cents, 9 cents and 7 cents respectively remaining in their portfolio. Because all these coins have already high market cap ranks (values) : Ravencoin is higher than rank 73, Ergo at 224, Flux at 106 and Bitcoin Gold at 85.

On the other hand, BitcoinZ has a very low value and an analogically very low market capitalization rank. So in this scenario it would gain value of more than +1200% (almost 12X) in comparison with its current one. For every $1 that a miner or buyer spent for BitcoinZ today, he would have $12 !

Even in the best scenario, where each of the most profitable coins to mine makes it to reach the 25th rank in list with the most valuable crypto , the result would be hardly almost +560% for Ravencoin, +1290% for Ergo, +970% for Flux and +700% for Bitcoin Gold.

However this is a quite difficult scenario to take place as these coins would have to “overthrow” Monero which is the top ranked mineable coin by PCs after ETH and is concentrated in Privacy. The only coin among the five that has a privacy oriented blockchain is BitcoinZ. Actually BTCZ with its Zero Knowledge Proof encryption offers even stronger privacy than Monero.

Even if these 4 assets could make it, the gains would be hardly a 5X to 10X for most of their miners.

In this scenario BitcoinZ would gain +119600% (almost x1200) which means that for each $1 spent today by a BitcoinZ miner or buyer, would have value of $1200 in this best scenario. So each $100 BTCZ investment would have value of $120000 (!).

Even in the two other scenarios of 100th and 50th market capitalization positions, an investment to the other four assets (RVN, ERGO, FLUX & BTG) today would lead to very small gains mostly between +50% to 2X or to even losses. Contrastingly BitcoinZ would see a +15500% gain in the 100th position and a +41000% gain in the 50th position. So for every $1 of BitcoinZ investment today, in these scenarios the BTCZ holder would have $150 or $410.

Why BitcoinZ is still so undervalued ?

BitcoinZ is still so undervalued for a series of reasons :

– Some people still think that it is another Bitcoin’s scam chain fork but BitcoinZ is out there for more than 5 years and it started from zero with its own genesis block and unique blockchain, with the most fair rules, no premine, no ICOs or any company behind it. Hopefully more people are discovering these facts.

– The Project is really 100% Community Driven without any founder allocating coins in any address. This is why BTCZ can be consistently found in the very top profitable coins to mine for years, since all the coins are distributed only to its Community. Without “free” premined coins that any founder used in order to bribe “influencers” or greedy Exchanges’ owners so the project has slower organic growth without fake followers or marketing tricks.

– BitcoinZ has been listed in 13 exchanges but the major exchanges have not listed it yet.

In contrast, Ravencoin, Flux and BitcoinGold have been listed in almost all major exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Huobi,,, Bittrex.

The Listings in major exchanges are the no1 reason for crypto prices’ rallies. Having more major listings to fulfill in the future is actually a crypto’s index for higher potential gains. Because the success for the already listed coins has been already priced in !

This is why BitcoinZ is currently ranked at a very low position in the market capitalization list while the other 4 assets are sitting at ranks mostly between 100 and 60 ( only Ergo at rank 220 as it has still some major listings to achieve like a Binance one).

On the other hand there is no guarantee that a well established cryptocurrency which has been already listed in many major exchanges and climbed to a high position in the market capitalization lists is going to stay there forever.

An example is Digibyte, one of the most classic mineable cryptocurrencies that after being listed in all the major exchanges, it ascended to ranks 50-25 inthe market capitalization list and then retreated between the ranks 250-150. Or other cryptocurrencies that retreated to even lower positions!

But how competitive is BitcoinZ against the other assets ?

In addition to the aforementioned analysis that is based on pure mathematics and facts, BitcoinZ is a superb choice for these reasons

a) BitcoinZ exists for longer time than the other 4 assets of the comparison and it is a classic crypto with long presence as it was founded on September 2017

b) BitcoinZ is the epitome of the original cryptocurrency idea with the most fair rules and 100% Decentralized in every level : Network, Governance and Coin distribution

c) BitcoinZ offers ZK-snarks optional privacy, ASIC resistant algorithm for PC-mining, next to zero fees and immutable fixed maximum supply

d) It has a pure history without any company or founder censoring its network or any event that could be considered as a “red” or even “yellow” card.

In contrary :

Bitcoin Gold is a premined chain fork of Bitcoin, it fork-dropped free coins (a huge part of its supply) to all the bitcoin holders during its launch.

Ravencoin faced a well known hack incident with more than extra 315Million RVN coins created into circulation but hopefully made it to get listed in popular exchanges due to connections of its Community with major exchanges. Despite the fact that it was launched 5 months after BitcoinZ, copying many BTCZ elements.

Flux had a premine and its original supposed max fixed supply was 210M coins. But this was more than doubled to 440M some months ago, in practice canceling the definition of the word “maximum” and some of the very basic elements of the original crypto idea itself.

Ergo has a defined tax from its launch and it is much younger than the rest of the presented assets but regardless this fact there are much fewer coins available to be mined because it favored its early miners with a speculative halving curve and cannot convince for its fair rules.

For all the above BitcoinZ is not only competitive, but actually is the optimum choice and at the same time the most undervalued with the best potential for future gains. A rare coincidence that forms a great opportunity for both miners and buyers now.

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