Malcorra expressed Argentina’s deep concern about the situation in Brazil

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Friday, 13 May 2016
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Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra stated today in London, where she participated in the Anti-Corruption Summit convened by Prime Minister Cameron, that she is “deeply concerned” about the political crisis that Brazil is undergoing. “Brazil is not only a very important neighbour and partner but also an actor that conditions and determines our capacity to do things. We are united by tradition, friendship and history, so we are affected by this crisis, which has an impact on us, and we feel the pain,” she added.

“We have been following this issue closely, always in permanent contact with the Brazilian Foreign Ministry and with political sectors of Brazil. It is clear that the steps established for the legality of the process have been complied with,” affirmed Malcorra, and she further added that “although it may be argued that the legality of the process has been observed, many have called into question its legitimacy. Therefore, when legality and legitimacy are under discussion, the situation becomes a very complex one. We look forward to the conclusion of this process so that the needs and concerns of the Brazilian people will not increase.”

In statements made to Todo Noticias, Malcorra highlighted that, when President Macri was elected, he immediately visited President Rousseff “to convey a message of closeness and priority.” “I remember this was a very interesting conversation because both Presidents discussed specific matters about the future and, on that basis, they built a relationship that has continued to evolve. To be completely honest, I feel deep institutional and personal sorrow. President Rousseff must be going through very hard times. I met with her recently in New York and we had a talk. Sometimes I wonder if the question of gender is not an element in these tough processes,” emphasized the Argentine Foreign Minister.

“The fact that this crisis arose on the very same day that firm steps began to be taken towards the exchange of offers between MERCOSUR and the EU is an awful coincidence. The EU even considered postponing the exchange of offers, but MERCOSUR has remained adamant: this has been agreed at the institutional level, there is no excuse for postponing the exchange, and the European counterpart understood this,” explained Malcorra. “I believe there is another possible reading of this situation: even in the midst of these crises, we have been capable of defending exchange as a matter that is beyond the circumstances of the moment and to which all MERCOSUR members are deeply committed,” she added.

With regard to Argentina and its position in the world, Malcorra stated that “our country is seen in a positive light. The impression of both governments and the private sector, which always has a very active level of participation in the various visits we are conducting, is that Argentina has decided to insert itself into the world with a mature position. We need to continue building confidence, but this does not happen automatically or from one day to the next. Anxiety is understandable, but we are instituting a structural change that will be sustainable in the long term.”


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