ComboCurve Solves GHG Forecasting and Planning Challenges With ComboCarbon Integration

ComboCurve Solves GHG Forecasting and Planning Challenges With ComboCarbon IntegrationAdding greenhouse gas (GHG) forecasts into development planning and economics workflows, ComboCarbon enables producers to make smarter, more profitable decisions while reducing emissions.

ComboCurve Solves GHG Forecasting and Planning Challenges With ComboCarbon Integration
Quantify Economic Impact of Emissions

ComboCarbon integrates environmental workflows and emission forecasting within companies' economics and development planning.

HOUSTON - November 15, 2022 - (

ComboCurve, a SaaS company building the future of energy workflows, has announced ComboCarbon, a step change in integrating production economics with greenhouse gas (GHG) forecasting. The watershed offering shifts the paradigm from backward-looking GHG reports to proactive forward-focused carbon forecasts and planning. Combined with ComboCurve's game-changing production forecast and type curve tools, it helps you compile consistent, transparent, defensible, and accurate disclosures for regulators and investors.

Current carbon accounting methods are "end of pipe" solutions that report on emissions after the fact. The process is typically disjointed, inefficient, and reactive. ComboCarbon gives reservoir engineers workflows that embed GHG emissions planning directly into their current economic calculations. This allows for greater transparency while creating an iterative process for continual process improvement.

"ComboCarbon is a significant step toward a low-carbon future," said Armand Paradis, co-founder and CEO of ComboCurve. "Instead of building a production facility and returning once a year to see how things went, it allows operators to build GHG emissions directly into the planning and development process. You're able to build forward-looking network models to visualize how each 'node' within your facility impacts emissions, costs, and reduction targets. This represents a fundamental change in how we view and execute net-zero planning."

ComboCarbon's integrated cash flow and GHG emissions network modeling gives engineers new ways to increase revenue and decrease cost. In addition to forecasting, users will be able to calculate carbon credits, potential costs, and liabilities that impact net present value (NPV). Benchmarking compares plans and performance against relevant industry data while a forthcoming scheduling module will tie development steps to emissions models. ComboCarbon enables users to set realistic emission targets, reconcile operational goals, monitor progress toward them, and generate easy-to-read dashboard reports to share with internal stakeholders and investors.

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Headquartered in Houston, ComboCurve is the fastest-growing platform in the energy industry. It helps decision-makers value assets, de-risk decisions, plan for net-zero and save time through an intuitive cloud-based collaboration platform. For more information, contact ComboCurve or follow us on LinkedIn.

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