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Things to do


Have a circular walk along the canal. 40 mins

Head out of town on North Parade. Stay on the left hand side for the best view of Pulteney Bridge. Then cross to right side for view of cricket pitch.  It is free to watch and you can just walk down to the seats. (If you have never seen cricket before this is not high quality cricket). If you cross you are less likely to catch an infection from the swimming pool on the left.

Walk away from town. Sometimes behind the car-park railings you will see a photographer lurking trying to get a shot of someone leaving the court. To the end past the toilets (closed) on your right and cross the road under the bridge. You will see a lane under the bridge walk though it, pass the school and up the steps.

Half way up you will see my allotment on the left. Allotments are piece of land rented to residents by the council to grow food. They cost about GBP30 a year.

At the top of the steps is the canal. First, turn right to see a lock. Maybe stand on the footbridge or maybe listen to a Japanese tourist trying to explain how a lock works. Then,  go back on your self and after 50 yards there is an information board.

Walk to end up the steps and buy some ice-cream from Ken in the shop. If you are a recent lottery winner then buy a loaf. Ken doesnt sell fags or booze; you will have to go to Stephen in the off-licence. We used to have a butcher, and a post office; but now we have  a half-price pc ink shop – erm much better. Cross the road, slightly uphill  and down a slipway to canal on other side. Walk 500 yards and then go up by the Bridge House and cross to come down the other side and walk through the tunnel. It is normal to make woo woo noises at this stage. Another 100 yards and you will see a gate  in the wall on your left. This is the entrance to Pultney Gardens. Walk down through the gate at the back of the large house and you come to the vista of Great Pulteney Street. Up the street (taking notice that the lamps are too high as  they are not original and were put in by the film makers) and across Pulteney Bridge and you are back in town. The woman in the tourist shop on the bridge is very grumpy and easily wound up.