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Guesthouse Berbari

At a stone’s throw from Asilah you will find Berbari, one of the tourist’s world hidden surprises… Maison d’Hôtes or Guesthouse BerBari is what the french call Une Maison de Campagne and for those who are not familiar with this concept: this is truly a country house, and very hip at the same time. Comforts are limited: here it is between you and the country and the stars at night in the land previously known as Barbaria.

type: Sleep Cheap


Patio de la Luna
Hotel Patio de la luna in Plaza Zelaya N 12 (941 60 74) is a charming, newly redecorated hotel outside the medina, owned by a Spanish man. Its worth a look at the rooms just for their decoration. 300 dh

type: Sleep Cheap

Cost Of Double For A Night: 300 dh
address: Plaza Zelaya N 12

Hotel Zelis

Hotel Zelis on 10 avenue Mansour Eddahabi ( 9 41 70 69) is a wonderful, clean, three star hotel with rooms with views on the ocean. The staff is very friendly. 300

type: Sleep Cheap

Cost Of Double For A Night: 300 DH
address: 10 avenue Mansour Eddahabi

Hotel Marhaba

Cheap –  but still clean enough to be healthy.

type: Sleep Cheap

address: Plaza Zelaya