Netherlands New Easy Work Permit For Startup Personnal/Netherlands Free Work Permit 2022…

NETHERLANDS FREE WORK PERMIT 2022 Essential start-up personnel Visa in Netherlands

In this video, we will talk about NETHERLANDS FREE WORK PERMIT 2022 and this visa is started from June 2021. Company will offer free sponsorship for Netherlands work Visa.

Essential start-up personnel Visa in Netherlands.

Pilot for essential start-up personnel Beginning and innovative companies are important to the Dutch economy and the knowledge economy in particular. To be able to grow these start-ups often already need employees with specific high-valued expertise, experience and skills at an early stage. The residence permits for highly skilled migrant or start-up do not match with the way start-ups bind personnel to their company in this growth phase. With the pilot essential start-up personnel, the Netherlands wants to stimulate the knowledge economy by giving these beginning companies a better opportunity to hire and hold on to the required experts in these early stages of their development.

Duration of the pilot The pilot lasts 4 years. It starts on June 1, 2021 and ends on June 1, 2025. The scheme for the residence permit will continue for 1 year after the pilot.

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