Introducing an immersive SNS that will surprise the world

Introducing an immersive SNS that will surprise the world

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Mergerity, AR social media that communicates through everyday objects and spaces.
In-app content enhancement through partnerships with various companies.

Mergerity takes ‘strong rewards’ as its corporate philosophy. Mergerity service is not a service created by a company, but service made together with users.”

— Myung Bae-young (CEO)

SEOUL, GEUMCHEON-GU, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, July 29, 2022 / — [CEO Report] Myung Bae-young, CEO of Mergerity… “Introducing an immersive SNS that will surprise the world” Official launch of Mergerity app in Q4, CES booth operation in January next year.



Scan the app for food that has just come out of the restaurant. Vivid reviews from existing customers who ate the same food, friendly photos left by the couple, thanks from the chef, and recommendations for good wines to go with it. When a luxury bag displayed in a department store is scanned, product information, brand advertisements and promotions, similar product recommendations, and used products are listed right above the product. Choose the cheapest product among them and buy it on the spot. It’s not a movie story. It depicts what will happen in everyday life after the launch of the IT startup ‘Mergity’ app service. We met Bae-Young Myung, CEO of Mergerity, a company that creates realistic, not virtual, social media. You majored in Western painting, but are you in the planning business? Your résumé is unique. Right. In the past, I was the so-called ‘art university brother’ (laughs). I have been drawing designs with the philosophy of painting I learned in art college, I have painted videos, and now I am drawing business of the times. – I am drawing business in our time. As a design worker – designer, and animation director for a famous domestic design company, I received awards such as the ‘Korea Animation Grand Prize (Minister of Culture)’ and ‘Best Prize in Video Contest.’ Since then, I have walked the path of a planner and have been the CEO of JF Studio for six years, CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Sigong Media, and the general manager of blockchain business at Medium, a company specializing in blockchain.

(What kind of service is Mergerity?)

CEO: Mergerity is a company that creates reality-based AR (augmented reality) social media that can communicate in everyday objects and spaces. – that can be used in day-to-day communication and interaction of objects & spaces. It is an app service that provides AR experiences and metaverse experiences to objects and spaces right in front of you, not virtual environments on your computer. Mergerity can be understood as an entirely new form of social media. The item is exciting. How did you come up with the idea of the Mergerity business? I have been envisioning this business since 2012. I was very interested in AR. This is because AR was the only technology that could create a new experience by combining digital content with reality. However, the closeness that can only be enjoyed under limited conditions and things designated by the company was very disappointing. At that time, I thought, ‘I hope AR can be popularized so people worldwide can enjoy this amazing experience.’ I thought – decided to create an AR service that users can experience wherever they are ‘now’ – in the present or at the moment without linguistic or environmental restrictions. Afterward, we discussed the implementation methods with numerous developers, but all returned answers were ‘impossible technology.’

On the other hand, I was personally convinced that it would be possible with the current technology. After a long development, I succeeded in developing a technology that accurately recognizes an object immediately. It was the moment when the image – imagination that had made my heart race for the past ten years became a reality.

(What does ‘everyday life’ look like in Mergerity?)

CEO: I believe the behavior of users worldwide will change after the launch of the app. Now, objects expand further from the meaning and value of objects and become a ‘communication field’ to communicate with various users. Starting with social media (SNS), which shares my tastes and memories with numerous users, it is reborn as a multi-platform that provides e-commerce, video sharing, and information search functions on top of corporate products. Multiple users and companies can freely use the Mergerity AR platform.

(I heard that you are aiming to preoccupy the global market. Is there any strategy?)

CEO: Mergerity is challenging that no other company has ever tried. We believe our unique technology and exciting services will attract users and companies. Recently, it has been signing partnerships and discussing with companies in various industries such as distribution, food, entertainment, and character, including domestic and foreign telecommunication companies. Companies are showing keen interest after seeing the Mergerity service and plans and discussions are underway to provide their members with more diverse daily experiences. It will offer many users a new everyday lifestyle worldwide and make them love our service.

(What is the difference between Mergerity’s unique AR social media and existing social media?)

CEO: Speaking of the difference in the service dimension, the ‘viewpoint of experience’ is different. Living on social media is an appreciation of what others have already experienced. Suppose you are envious of other people’s experiences of pretty places, delicious things, and beautiful products. In that case, Mergerity has a big difference in that immersive communication directly in ‘the objects and spaces I am experiencing. There are also differences at the technical level. Through the ‘immediate recognition’ technology of the core engine ‘Merge ware,’ which was created with Merge ware’s proprietary technology, even objects that have not been learned are given an ID value with one scan, and users can freely upload AR contents. Objects scanned in the Mergerity app are recognized as the same object in big data through AR/AI technology and displayed. For example, if a domestic Mergerity user scans a red Coke can and uploads content to AR, their tastes and business purposes. Furthermore, a metaverse world that reflects each brand’s characteristics will be opened, allowing users to quickly and easily experience the metaverse and NFT. Where? It is in our daily life. Users worldwide can check the same content I uploaded from that red Coke can worldwide.

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