Puerto Vallarta Mexico News for Expats Digital Nomads Cost of Living La Paz

Puerto Vallarta Mexico News for Expats Digital Nomads Cost of Living La Paz

Mexico - Floridas News originally published at Mexico - Floridas News

Puerto Vallarta Mexico News for Expats Digital Nomads Cost of Living La Paz Travel/Medical Insurance
Hurricane News

New Requirements for Ex-pats in Mexico

Stimulus Payments?

La Paz
Hello, Sandy Ingram here, welcome to the budget retirement options channel: Here is the most recent news for ex-pats, digital nomads, and long-stay travelers in Mexico. This news channel is sponsored by SafetyWing an Insurance by and for Nomads because Medicare will not cover you outside of the United States. In this news video, you will meet a small coastal city of 250,000 people in Baja of California Sur, but first, we have disturbing news.

At least 11 deaths and 22 to 33 people missing after Hurricane Agatha made landfall in southern Mexico. Bridges collapsed in the coastal region and highways and roads were damaged. It is reported that highways and bridges were affected due to landslides, falling trees and river overflows.

In a previous video, we talked about this new requirement for ex-pats living in Mexico. Here we learn that part of the reason for these changes is to combat money laundering and US taxpayers skipping out on their tax liabilities.

Now speaking of taxes for US Expats living in Mexico, YOU may be eligible for an additional stimulus payment either from the Federal Government and/or the state you legally live in. Also, it is articles like this that make you want to think about your decision about becoming a permanent resident in another country because once you are legally associated with living outside of the country, there could be certain benefits that you will no longer qualify for, now or in the future. The channel is not yet sure of why the UK and the US appear to be closing their borders, but you can be assured that they know something that we don’t.

Now for our exploring Mexico segment: We will visit La Paz The translation in English means: The Peace. La Paz is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur with a population count in 2020 of 250,141 residents. The channel wants to introduce La Pz to you because it is only 100 miles from Los Cabos and 728 miles from the Tijuana San Diego boarder.
There are over 3 flights a day from La Paz to San Diego. La Paz has its own airport that handless domestic and international flights. Manuel Márquez de León International Airport

The cost of living is lower then Cabo and many other popular destinations in Mexico, both for rentals and property purchases. For example the locals earn an average of 5,200 pesos per month which is around $265 US dollars. This is a costal town with extremely low cost of living.

he interesting thing about La Paz is you can take the ferry to Mazatlan, the mainland of Mexico. It takes 12 hours, or you can fly La Paz (LAP) to Mazatlan (MZT) flights
one hour flight cheapest flight is around $45. If you want to take your car, the best option is to ferry across to the mainland at of cost around $75 and up and 12 hours at sea.

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Mexico - Floridas News originally published at Mexico - Floridas News