November 2022 Visa Bulletin: Emp & Family – Did USCIS Copy Paste VB? (Dec 2022 US Visa Predictions)

November 2022 Visa Bulletin: Emp & Family – Did USCIS Copy Paste VB? (Dec 2022 US Visa Predictions)

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US Immigration.

November 2022 Visa Bulletin is posted.
Did Department of State & USCIS make a copy paste?.
Dec 2022 and FY 2023 Predictions..

The Department of State has posted the Visa Bulletin for November 2022. USCIS has not yet confirmed whether the Dates for Filing chart can continue to be used by applicants.

This is the first visa bulletin for Fiscal Year 2023. Certain Family & Employment Categories, final action dates changes. EB2 India Retrogresses 2 years and 8 months.

That announcement will clarify whether U.S.C.I.S will accept adjustment applications based on the Final Action dates chart, or on the Dates for Filing chart, as it did last month.
The Dates for Filing chart in the April Visa Bulletin remain largely the same as last month. Changes include an almost four month advancement for India and an year to few months of movement for some family immigration category.

President Biden & White house invites republicans and democrats for bipartisan immigration reform talks.

there is update from Consular officers regarding US Visa processing at embassy and consulates abroad for family, employment and student categories

For Future family based and employment based category movements.
No Potential movement expected in coming months for f1, f2a, f2b, f3, f4 categories.
similarly for employment based category, EB1 is expected to stay current.
EB2 India and china may make forward movement in coming months, while rest of the world remains current.
Eb3 china and India dates may retrogress next year. Mexico, Philippines and Rest of the world may have a new final action date instead of being current.
for EB4 and Eb5, there will be slight or no forward movement respectively.
Earlier mentioned final action date projections for the Family and Employment categories indicate, what is likely to happen on a monthly basis through January.

In this video we will discuss about what Visa’s and their priority order in detail (starting from IR category, ending with Tourist B1 & B2 visa).
IR-1, CR-1, IR-2, IR-3, K1, SE1, H1B, L1, TN, H2, F, M, J, E1, E2, B1, B2 Visa appointments.

You can also have a quick look at individual country wise embassy visa processing status worldwide

Philippines US embassy / Consulate status –
Mexico US embassy / Consulate status –
United Kingdom US embassy / Consulate status –
India US embassy / Consulate status –
Pakistan US embassy –
China US embassy / Consulate status –
Dominican Republic US embassy / Consulate status –
Thailand US embassy / Consulate status –
Nigeria US embassy / Consulate status –
Colombia US embassy / Consulate status –
Ukraine US embassy / Consulate status –
Russia US embassy / Consulate status –
Vietnam US embassy / Consulate status –
Indonesia US embassy / Consulate status –
Canada US embassy / Consulate status –
Brazil US Embassy –

State Department Nov 2022 Visa Bulletin:
USCIS Oct Bulletin:
USCIS Case processing time:
USCIS Case processing time more info:

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