Mexico Nationalizes Lithium Reserves! Positive Leftist News, May 2022

Mexico Nationalizes Lithium Reserves Positive Leftist News May 2022

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JC Finlay:

Introduction 0:00
Decolonization & Indigenous Rights 0:39
Workers’ Rights 2:05
Anti-Imperialism 10:39
LGBTQ+ Rights 12:11
Fuck the Patriarchy 13:37
Electoral Wins 17:24
Environment & Animal Liberation 18:23
Send Your Stories 22:18
Thanks & Credits 22:28

Indigenous women demand Biden stop Line 5:

Starbucks Unions:

Amherst Cinema Workers United:

Target union:

Trader Joes union:

Santa Clara University Union:

A landlord underestimated his tenants, now they could own the building:

Brasil anarcho-priest:

L’Ambassade des immigrés:

Occupy Wall Street activists pay off student debt of 500 Black women:

Mexico has nationalized their lithium reserves:

Thousands rally against amending Japan’s pacifist Constitution

Queer March in Nigeria organized by Queer Union for Economic and Social Transformation:

Queer Nigerians stage defiant protest as government tries to ban ‘crossdressing’

Austria to end blood donor discrimination:

Murder charges against Adora Perez dropped (prosecuted for pregnancy loss):

After Four Long Years in Prison, Adora Perez’s Murder Charge for Stillbirth Is Dropped

Abortion Funds network in U.S.:

Spain may become first country to allow paid menstrual leave

NY Adult Survivors Act:,that%20occurred%20after%20age%2018.

Labor wins in Australia:

Oregon adopts rules to protect workers from heat, smoke:

Scotiabank exits Oil and Gas Lobby Group:

Scotiabank’s exit from lobby group is a blow to oil and gas industry

Portugal Builds Europe’s Biggest Floating Solar Park:

US beef consumption down

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