BREAKING US Immigration News Aug 29 – Sep 2, 2022 | Biden’s Immigration Reform & Green Card Updates

BREAKING US Immigration News Aug 29 – Sep 2, 2022 | Biden’s Immigration  Reform & Green Card Updates

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BREAKING US Immigration News Aug 29 – Sep 2, 2022 | Biden’s Immigration Reform & Green Card Updates
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Hello, Welcome to US Immigration Updates.
This is your weekly news bulletin, with the latest U.S. Immigration News, Events, Announcements, and new policy changes that happened between August 29 to September 02, 2022. In this video, we will provide you the quick recap on the weekly immigration updates happened right from President Biden, Congress, Senate to every U.S. agency, such as U S C I S, Department of State, DHS, Embassies and more.
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Now, let’s get into the bulletin and find out what is the latest happening around the US Immigration.
#1 Texas Governor Sends First Buses of Migrants to Chicago.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a bus full of migrants to Chicago this week to protest what he calls President Biden’s “inaction at the border.”
Two buses carrying more than 60 asylum seekers arrived at Chicago’s Union Station on Wednesday night.
Since April, Abbott has bussed more than 7,000 asylum seekers to Democratic cities on the East Coast to pressure Biden to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.
In a statement, Abbott said Chicago will join Washington D.C. and New York City as an additional “drop-off location.”

#2 Immigration will drive all U.S. population growth by 2043.
A new report by the Congressional Budget Office estimates that U.S. population growth will be fueled entirely by immigration in two decades’ time.
According to the report, by 2043, deaths will outnumber births in the United States, and immigration will account for all of the country’s population gain.
The report predicts that net immigration — the number of immigrants leaving the country in a year subtracted from the number of immigrants entering the U.S. that same year — will increase from 950,000 over the next decade to around 1.1 million by 2052.

#3 Filipino Schools Resume In-Person Learning After Years of Shutdowns.
Students in the Philippines fully resumed in-person learning for the first time in over two years, ending one of the world’s longest pandemic-related school shutdowns.
Philippine government officials and parents were wary of reopening classrooms because students could bring the virus back to their multi-generational homes, which could impact an already strained health care system.
Even pre-pandemic, Philippines school systems lacked resources, from a shortage of classrooms and teachers, to low wages for teachers, leaving millions of children who rely on the public school system with inadequate teaching.

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