Rise VFX renders at Polargrid in Boden, Sweden

Rise VFX renders at Polargrid in Boden, Sweden

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Polargrid Gigabyte AMD Render Cluster

MAUREN, LIECHTENSTEIN, November 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rise VFX renders at Polargrid in Boden, Sweden

One of Europe’s largest VFX houses, RISE Visual Effects Studios of Berlin, commissioned Polargrid to render large portions of a current project in Boden, Sweden.

Converting 3D data and surface features into photorealistic, two-dimensional images is time and computationally intensive. For the current production, 40 servers with a total of 10TB of RAM and 3840 AMD EPYC 7642 cores worked around the clock for seven weeks to render the images.

Robert Pinnow, who won an award in the VFX category in 2018 for his work on the first season of Babylon Berlin, comments:

“The low cost and the ability to render on our desired configuration is something we’ve wanted to take advantage of for a while. Now we finally had the right project to work on with Polargrid. We were able to fully integrate the computers there into our systems and started to monitor the rendering as if it were all on-site. The fact that we could render with green energy at Polargrid, just like at our German sites, was also a big plus.”

Polargrid offers professional rendering services based on the needs of its customers. For larger render jobs, up to 30,000 CPU cores are available. The city of Boden in Sweden proved to be an ideal location for Polargrid due to its climatic conditions. There is a friendly climate for film productions, game developers or VFX creators because the Boden Business Agency welcomes them to settle here. The region also has an Arctic climate, which is ideal for air-cooled data centers.

Both aspects played a key role for Polargrid in selecting its data center operator, Turis AB. Turis AB, as a specialist in data processing and storage solutions, ensures smooth operation of the render farm with its infrastructure. Turis AB purchased the Boden Type DC One (BTDC One) in 2020, which was developed as part of the European Horizon 2020 project as

a concept for data centers of the future. The BTDC One is a new holistic approach to data centers. It incorporates temperature-controlled fresh air cooling, the use of green energy and a modular building design. It is considered one of the most cost- and energy-efficient data centers in the world.

In the meantime, Turis AB has expanded its data park with three more buildings based on the same concept. Thus, the former EU project ( https://bodentypedc.eu/) has been successfully commercialized.


Polargrid is a brand of Aelg Data Center GmbH in Liechtenstein. Under the Polargrid brand, Aelg Data Center GmbH offers a wide range of services tailored to VFX studios and also supports young VFX talents. With its computing power, Polargrid can meet the demanding requirements of its customers. For example, Polargrid operates a Blender render farm where the render service is billed in minute increments. To support Blender artists, Polargrid offers a free Blender CPU render service. Aelg Data Center GmbH takes its responsibility to use resources carefully, working only with cost- and energy-efficient data centers that use green power.

Turis AB

Turis AB operates data centers in Boden, Sweden. The data centers are optimized for data processing and storage solutions. By building a Boden Type DC One Data Park, Turis AB operates cost- and energy-efficient data centers and demonstrates that the EU Horizon 2020 project is commercially successful.

PolarGrid is a professional provider of cloud computing services for 3D rendering and AI. All sites are located in northern Sweden. PolarGrid relies on the location advantage, as no additional energy is needed to cool the equipment. All equipment is powered exclusively by green energy generated from hydropower. The consumer will find this favorable energy cost reflected in the price list.

PolarGrid believes that renewable energy and high performance computing are an ideal pairing for the future. Polargrid is a brand of Aelg Datacenter GmbH, Liechtenstein.

Peter Uhlich
Polargrid c/o Aelg Datacenter GmbH
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