Liechtenstein: Is This the Hardest Country to Immigrate to?

Liechtenstein: The Hardest Country to Move to?
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In this video we will talk about Liechtenstein, and why it is one of the hardest countries in Europe and in the world to immigrate to.

00:00 Intro

Liechtenstein is a country in Europe, but unlike most countries in Europe it rarely makes it to the news and a lot of people don’t even know where it is. T

01:24 Liechtenstein Residence Permit

If you are looking to get a residence permit in Liechtenstein, know that the odds of getting one are really low. Even if you work in Liechtenstein, that does not mean that you will have the right to live in the country.

Since Liechtenstein is not part of the European Union, it is very difficult, even for residents and citizens of countries in the region, to get a residence permit in Liechtenstein. Switzerland is one of the two countries that has a land border with Liechtenstein, and even if Liechtenstein has a number of agreements with Switzerland and uses the Swiss currency, it doesn’t mean that Swiss nationals can live in Liechtenstein unrestricted.

So basically there is a number of residence permits issued to EU and Swiss citizens, but the number is just a few dozens per year, depending on the category.

If you are not Swiss or a citizen from the European Economic Area it is even harder to get a residence permit in Liechtenstein. But if you are highly skilled and have been offered a job in the country, or if you are married to a Liechtensteiner, it may be possible to get it.

So the easiest options to get a residence permit in Liechtenstein are actually quite hard.
If your partner is from Liechtenstein or a resident in Liechtenstein, he or she can bring you to live in the country, but not without having a letter from a bank in Liechtenstein showing that he / she can support your stay without becoming a social burden.

Alternatively, if you are from Switzerland or EEA, you can apply to live in Liechtenstein without gainful employment. Basically, if you are very rich and want to live in Liechtenstein, you may have a chance of getting a residence permit, but this is also limited to a quota.

Finally, if you are not from Switzerland or a country in the EEA, you can still move to Liechtenstein if you are a highly skilled person like a company director for example, but it cannot be any company. The final decision will depend on the government and how relevant your job is.

03:23 Liechtenstein Permanent Residence

If you manage to live 5 consecutive years in Liechtenstein, you can apply for permanent residency in the country.

03:53 Liechtenstein Citizenship

As we already understood, moving to Liechtenstein is quite difficult, even if you are a citizen of Switzerland or the EU. But what is even harder in Liechtenstein is to actually become a citizen of this country.

If you are not among them, there is a naturalization process available in Liechtenstein, but it is a rather complicated one.
Currently the law states that for one to get citizenship in Liechtenstein it is required to live 30 years in the country, being the last 5 years prior to the application of continuous residence in the principality.

Dual citizenship is just accepted partially in Liechtenstein. So if you are a citizen of Liechtenstein and you want to get citizenship in another country, this is possible. If you move from another country and want to become a citizen of Liechtenstein however, you will have to renounce your previous citizenship.

05:10 Citizenship Investment

Another interesting fact about Liechtenstein is that it was one of the first countries in the world to offer citizenship investment, However this program, which started early in the previous century, has long been suspended.

05:24 Advantages of living in Liechtenstein

Wealth and quality of life

One of the most evident advantages of living in Liechtenstein is that the country is extremely wealthy and this reflects on a high quality of living for its residents.


Another important advantage of Liechtenstein is its privileged geographic location. Despite its small size, Liechtenstein is located in one of the wealthiest parts of Europe.


Liechtenstein has very low income tax rates for Western European standards.
If we take the example of personal income taxes, Liechtenstein uses a progressive tax rate, where the highest rate is 8%.

07:24 Disadvantages of living in Liechtenstein


One of the main disadvantages of living in Liechtenstein is that the country is tiny.

Cost of Living

The high cost of living is another problem if you are moving to Liechtenstein.

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