Drei Schwestern Trail | Liechtenstein Virtual Hike (Part 2) | Peaceful Music

Drei Schwestern Trail | Liechtenstein Virtual Hike (Part 2) | Peaceful Music

Liechtenstein - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Liechtenstein - Amsterdam Aesthetics

Part 2 of the ONE hike in Liechtenstein you should do if you only have one day.

Hike with me on this rewarding route, enjoy the spectacular views, and get all the information you need for this trail.

Many parts of this video resembles skyrunning and living in the clouds.

*This trail may not be suitable for those with a fear of heights, pack accordingly as there are alpine sections with unpredictable weather and potentially cold temperatures.

This is Part 2 of 2 videos covering my full one way 12.5 km hike/trail run on my day trip to Liechtenstein from Zurich.

In part 1, I covered Fürstensteig (Prince’s Path) (Route 994), a classic trail 1,200 m above the capital, Vaduz. 2.4 km of this trail was covered in this video and ended at Gafleisattel 1,856 m (Gaflei Saddle)
See part 1 here:

In this video (Part 2), I cover 4.5 km on the Drei Schwestern Trail (Three Sisters) through multiple peaks in some alpine treacherous terrain for an adventurous experience. I cover the peaks of Gafleispitz 2,000 m , Kuhgrat 2,123 m , Garsellakopf 2,105 m , and Drei Schwestern 2,052 m before the downhill to Planken (for a bus return to Vaduz)

The downhill to Planken (final ~5.5 km) is not filmed

Immerse yourself in the beautiful mountains of Liechtenstein and the ambience of the trails. I will show you the sights along the way.

Enjoy the background music, run/walk along your treadmill, and explore with me!

Skip ahead to these sights with the timeline below.
0:00 Intro to the Drei Schwestern Trail
0:46 Drei Schwesterm Trail Map
1:20 Gafleisattel 1,856 m (Gaflei Saddle)
17:26 Gafleispitz 2,000 m
31:34 Kuhgrat 2,123 m
43:18 Garsellakopf 2,105 m
57:42 Drei Schwestern 2,052 m and an adventurous downhill

Route maps –

Alltrails Map of Route:

Download the gpx here:

Details of the full loop trail (6 km 560m+ 2.5hrs) can be seen here:

Transportation –

DRIVING: Parking lot is available at Gaflei, the start of the trail (11 km 20 min from Vaduz)

BUS INFORMATION (This needs precise planning to incorporate into your trip)-
Bus fare as of 2022 (purchase from driver)
If departing from Vaduz, (for two zones) it is 4 CHF one-way or 7 CHF for a day pass.
If arriving from Sargans, Switzerland, a Liechtenstein day pass for all zones is 12 CHF
Liechtenstein public buses are included in the Swiss Rail Pass.

[For the latest updates, check ]

To Start (Gaflei)

Vaduz Post (Liechtenstein Capital) to Gaflei Matu –
1. Route 21 Vaduz Post to Triesenberg Post, then connect to the waiting shuttle
2. Route 22 Triesenberg Post to Gaflei Matu

It takes 30-40 minutes bus from Vaduz Post to Gaflei (the start of the trail).
Buses run every 2 hours from 13:14 to late night. An extra 12:14 bus is operated on weekdays and this is the bus I took.

To return from Gaflei to Vaduz, buses depart at 12:55, 14:10, 16:10, 17:55, 20:10, 22:10, 23:10, 00:10, and 03:10.

From Finish (Planken) (Not covered in this video)

– Route 26 Planken to Schaan, then multiple bus options are available for the 5 minute bus ride to Vaduz

It takes 10 minutes from Planken to Schaan bus (4.8 km).
The bus departs from Planken
on weekdays at 12:29, 13:14, 13:59, then hourly from 15:44 to 03:44 (except 19:44). I took the 16:44 bus.
on weekends at 15:44, 17:44, then hourly from 19:44 to 04:44


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Liechtenstein - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Liechtenstein - Amsterdam Aesthetics