US Residents Can Now Enter Germany | Travel News

US Residents Can Now Enter Germany | Travel News

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Friday 25th June.

Germany is the most sought after destination for Americans but for more than a year vacations to Germany have been close to impossible because of Covid and the travel restrictions imposed. Typically around 2.2 million Americans visit Germany each year, making it the fourth most popular destination in Europe for them. However, now travel to Germany from the U.S for all purposes, including tourism is allowed again. But, travellers aged six or older coming from the US must show either proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from Covid-19 or a negative Covid test result. Both PCR tests and rapid antigen tests are accepted.

The Swiss Federal Council has approved a proposal to relax its entry requirements for arrivals from the Schengen Area and other countries. The decision will become effective on June 26, and from then on, travellers reaching Switzerland from any of the Schengen Area countries will no longer have to go through quarantine.

Also, Citizens of Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and Spain can now enter the Czech Republic without being subject to the Coronavirus testing or self-isolation requirements.

Source: The Local, Schengen visa Info.

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