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#StopRussiaNOW billboard cruising around Europe

Where is your kid's teddy? #StopRussiaNow

Where is your kid’s teddy? #StopRussiaNow



The campaign arrived in Munich, The Hague and in Budapest. Meanwhile, the digital campaign reached 92 million users, and EU politicians received 810 000 emails.

WROCłAW, LOWER SILESIA, POLSKA, May 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — #StopRussiaNow billboards arrived in Munich and The Hague on Saturday morning, and in Budapest on Sunday morning. The digital campaign reached more than 92 million users, while EU politicians received more than 810 000 emails since April 23rd.

Real help to Ukraine is needed

The war in Ukraine is still going on. The world leaders should make it hard for Putin to keep killing innocent people. The world leaders have to implement tougher sanctions against Russia.

“If world leaders and businesses are serious about ending Russian war crimes, they must first deprive Putin of oil revenues. Enough excuses and half-measures while Ukrainians are being bombed, killed, tortured, and raped. Russian oil is full Of Ukrainian blood. Stop buying it,” underlines Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s government official.

While Europe is sleeping at night…

The people of Ukraine wake up and go to bed with the sound of an air-raid siren instead of an alarm clock. They suffer from the inhuman acts of the Russian military:

– 98% of buildings in Mariupol were destroyed

– 219 kids were killed

– 398 children were injured

– at least 400 confirmed rapes

The #StopRussiaNow campaign is the scream of those who were brutally murdered in the streets of their native cities and towns in Ukraine.

It’s time to break through the wall of European indifference

The #StopRussiaNOW billboards have been traveling around Europe since April 23rd. They aim to deliver the message to ordinary people and mobilize them to break through the wall of European indifference. For the last couple of days, the billboards have been cruising around such German cities as Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.

Everybody can provide real help to the people of Ukraine. Start with boycotting brands that keep doing business in Russia and financing the war in Ukraine. You can find the list of companies on stoprussianow.eu.

Apart from that, the organizers provide you with the details on how to donate to the National Bank of Ukraine and encourage everybody to share information with others.

You can also send a pre-written email to the political leaders of your country with only three clicks – go to the website, click the button “SEND EMAIL NOW”, and send it.

Feel free to check out the campaign’s YouTube channel and watch the stories of well-known Ukrainians whose lives have changed since the beginning of the war.

The campaign is supported the Polish authorities.

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#StopRussiaNOW 🛑 – Marina’s story

The post #STOPRUSSIANOW CAMPAIGN TRIES TO WAKE UP EUROPE first appeared on Siver News.

The post #STOPRUSSIANOW CAMPAIGN TRIES TO WAKE UP EUROPE first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics