NFTs + COAs + Marketing + Limited Edition Art

NFTs + COAs + Marketing + Limited Edition Art

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Snoop Dogg – Limited Edition Poster “Concept”

Cann-ID – Cannabis Data Analytics

Cann-ID® -COA with CERTUS® Blockchain Verification Solution

Cann-ID® -COA with CERTUS® Blockchain Verification Solution

Cannabis Testing COAs Through Cann-ID® proprietary software, uploaded to the blockchain applied to many creative NFT applications for cannabis brands

The Cann-ID blockchain NFT solution opens up additional applications of creativity to the Cannabis Industry. Our NFT based COAs will be used for marketing, data security, and even limited edition art”

— Cree Crawford, Co-Founder / President – Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. /Cann-ID

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, April 19, 2022 / — April 19th, 2022 – Today, Green Ocean Sciences, Inc, developers of Cann-ID® , the world’s leading hemp and cannabis chemical data management and analytics solution announced the release of the first commercially scalable NFT application as a unique convergence of cannabis chemical data analysis, blockchain-based certification, and marketing with limited edition art.

This NFT application opens the door for an industry already full of creativity to expand product, brand, and celebrity marketing; preserve and protect data; and even generate limited-edition art linked to a product’s verifiable Certificate of Analysis (COA). This unique application of NFTs is accomplished through Cann-ID® proprietary chemical data management software combined with the CERTUS® blockchain-based data protection and authentication solution created SICPA, a trusted global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability, and authentication solutions.

This announcement comes as the annual “4/20” industry celebration is fast approaching.

“At Green Ocean Sciences, we are committed to providing practical industry data management solutions to support product quality and safety objectives in highly-regulated markets,“ says Cree Crawford, Co-Founder and President of Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. “Our incorporation of CERTUS® into our Cann-ID® chemical data management software gives analytical labs and government compliance agencies a simple, cost-effective way to protect the Certificate of Analysis (COA) data simply and cost-effectively for easy verification industry operators, regulators, consumers, and others including with links to track products from test through the sale.”

Crawford adds: “Imagine a cannabis or hemp brand wishes to memorialize 4/20 or any other historical professional moment like the opening of a new dispensary or a new harvest. The ability to record, protect and verify a COA with the unique chemical data profile of a cannabis flower or other product paired with creative marketing applications in the NFT space supports consumer confidence and brand engagement in new ways never before realized.”

How does it work? A cannabis icon like Snoop Dogg or Willy Nelson could personally select a cannabis flower from their inventory, have it photographed, then send the product to an accredited ISO 17025 lab that will generate a COA (certificate of analysis) through Cann-ID®. Both the COA and photograph are secured for fraud prevention and future verification with the CERTUS® digital seal. These elements are embedded in digital art that brands can promote, sell, or give away as limited-edition verifiable NFT art. As part of a customer loyalty program, the NFT holder could be entitled to product discounts or other benefits. The applications are almost limitless.

As the Cann-ID® solution rolls out for NFTs, requests will be accepted from accredited labs around the world to secure a license to implement the Cann-ID® software platform in their labs, as well as to work directly with cannabis and hemp brands and icons to provide the end-to-end chemical data management solution. The Cann-ID® software testing solution can be deployed in analytical labs, extractors, producers, cultivators, government agencies, or other members of the cannabis ecosystem.

About Green Ocean Sciences, Inc. / Cann-ID®

Cann-ID® was initially developed as a simplifying software to hardware operation interface with complicated analytical devices to create access and scale into markets, allowing analytical device deployments with less than technically inclined users. The software combined with the industry’s only in-house deployed “TAAS” (testing as a service/pay-per-test) turn-key model gave Green Ocean Sciences the ability to quickly and effectively deployed around the globe.

Today, Cann-ID® provides not only turn-key analytical testing solutions for operators, but it has also now expanded into a robust and universal chemical data aggregation, analytics, and management platform that can be utilized virtually any analytical hardware device.

Cann-ID® is applicable to commercial and government applications in the cannabis industry, including compliance solutions for domestic and international governments with the only currently available; Test, Track, Trace, Transport, and Tax data management solution with strategic partners, SICPA. Commercial applications of Cann-ID® are utilized extractors, producers, and cultivators. Cann-ID® is the largest de-centralized cloud networked chemical data analysis solution in the world. Including the US, The Kingdom of Thailand (where the Thai FDA approved us as a testing solution for cannabis), Canada, USVI, and Costa Rica. Expanded deployments in Q2 2022 in; the UK, EU, LATAM, Caribbean, and APAC regions. Cann-ID® is endorsed as the “BDAT” (Best Developed and Available Technology) SCOHO – Technology Review Committee (representing over 90% of the US hemp industry)

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Cann-ID Test Data Software Solution for the Cannabis Industry

The post NFTs + COAs + Marketing + Limited Edition Art first appeared on Siver News.

The post NFTs + COAs + Marketing + Limited Edition Art first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics