INDDAIS (INIS) Token Deployed in Binance Smart Chain Network

INDDAIS (INIS) Token Deployed in Binance Smart Chain Network

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The token officially launched on February 22, 2022 Inddais Crypto Ltd. and is now available to buy or stake/seed.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 11, 2022 / — Inddais Crypto Ltd. is pleased to announce the deployment of its INDDAIS (INS) token in the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Inddais Crypto Ltd, is a privately held Information Technology services company incorporated under the laws of London and Wales, with its registered office at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London – EC1V 2NX. The company is mainly focused on cryptocurrency mining, blockchain programming, manufacturing FPGA & ASIC devices (currently under research) and deployment of decentralized web portals. Inddais’ cryptocurrency mining farms have both advanced hardware and high performing customized mining software that deliver unparalleled performance, without compromising the network standards.

“We equally concentrate on manufacturing devices specifically made to execute our mining application efficiently,” says founder of Inddais, Dr. Mayilvahanan Arumugam. “Also, while seeking the options to go green completely using renewable sources of energy, like solar or wind power in all our mining farms, we carry out extensive research in installing energy boosters and producers – all powered our proprietary magnetic technology.”

In the company’s latest news, Inddais launched its very own INDDAIS (INIS) token, which was launched on February 22, 2022. The token is a high-principled, community driven cryptocurrency that aims to deliver transparency in profit distribution integrating a timed yielding farm and liquidity locked smart contract vault in its ecosystem. Once per year, this yielding farm resets, with each reset being followed a new season. On May 14th 2022, for example, the first season of Inddais Yielding Farm begins.

“Rug pull is one of the major issues that a token investor will watch out for,” says founder of Inddais, Dr. Mayilvahanan Arumugam. “Even recently, a token got rug pulled in which its issuer minted and sold huge volume of tokens – which resulted in a 75% fall of the token price. Since I am an economist and a coder myself, I made the fundamentals of how the token works & the guiding rules as an economist and ensured that those are aptly coded into the smart contract as a coder.”

Currently, the total supply of the Inddais token is 60M INIS, with 85% of the total supply (51M) allocated for sale in the contract. Only 15% is allocated to a promoter’s address (Dr. Arumugam), which will be used for selling INIS outside of the company’s official website.

Other notable aspects of the launch include:

• Sale will be released in stages of 6M per stage

• The owner address, owned Dr. Arumugam, cannot make token transfers directly, there eliminating rug pull

• Tokens can be burned directly for a set price the users

• New tokens can be minted if total supply falls below 40M tokens, but cannot exceed 60M INIS anytime

• Compensated burning and minted process

• Option for token holders who bought tokens from the contract directly to sell back to the contract (with limitations)

• Zero transfer charge, though the company might add transfer charges in the future, which will be a flat token amount debited from sender

• Initial price of 0.001 BNB per INIS

• INIS can be bought from the official website, with only a MetaMask wallet and BNB coins on it needed

• And much more

For more information about Inddias Crypto Ltd., or its INDDAIS (INIS) token, please visit

About Inddais Crypto Ltd.

Inddais Crypto Ltd. was founded CEO Dr. Mayilvahanan Arumugam, an exceptional businessman and entrepreneur who boasts an undergrad degree in Computer Science, an MBA in Finance, and a Doctorate in Microeconomics. Being an expert coder in all verticals and an economist with a goal to transfer financial self-sufficiency from hypothesis to implementation, his rich knowledge in the subject and balanced business strategy will undoubtedly drive Inddais towards success and lasting growth.

At its core, Inddais builds crypto mining farms globally through researching specialist equipment, developing efficient mining software for multiple algorithms, and coming up with energy-saving methods to make decentralized economics a possibility for anyone and everyone.

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The post INDDAIS (INIS) Token Deployed in Binance Smart Chain Network first appeared on Siver News.

The post INDDAIS (INIS) Token Deployed in Binance Smart Chain Network first appeared on Amsterdam Aesthetics.

Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics