IncubateX Announces Initial NFT Utility; Affordable Launchpad Memberships

IncubateX Announces Initial NFT Utility Affordable Launchpad Memberships

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Planned NFT Utility Include Learn2Earn, Breathe2Earn, Advocate2Earn & Play2Earn

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022 / — IncubateX, the 1st women-led incubator & NFT launchpad on web3 has announced their initial NFT utility: Affordable Launchpad Memberships.

Scheduled to be released later in June of this year, the Genesis Membership and Meta Access Capsule NFTs will be available for mint on the Polygon network.

The Genesis Membership NFT, the highest level of membership in the ecosystem, grants its holders access to mint early-stage projects. Holders of this NFT are set to receive handmade merch, NFT airdrops and future token allocations.

The Meta Access Capsule NFT grants its holders access to the project’s footprint in the metaverse which is marked collaborations with acclaimed artists and web3 forward brands. This includes free unique avatar wearables, tickets to exclusive metaverse events and access to partners’ metaverse ecosystems.

“Long gone are the days when NFTs meant collectible jpegs. Utility is one of the most important aspects of an NFT project, and with web3 the sky is the limit for innovation! The projects we have in the IncubateX pipeline revolutionize NFT utility as we know it; we are gamifying aspects of the daily human experience & infusing them with web3 technology to create truly unique ecosystems. Utility will include things like Learn2Earn, Breathe2Earn, Advocate2Earn & of course, Play2Earn, all enveloped within projects with missions that aim to make a positive impact in our world” said Waqas Hassan, Co-Founder of IncubateX.

The project announced that there will be 11,111 IncubateX Genesis Membership NFTs, priced at 0.2 ETH & 11,111 Meta Access Capsule NFTs priced at 0.09 ETH available on the mint date.

“The market is clearly demanding NFT utility, and with this offering we are delivering the first NFT utility we have in our bag; affordable launchpad memberships. This is a launchpad for those who want to create effective change while participating in the web3 economy, and access must be affordable to the majority” stated Massy Almubidin, Co-Founder & Strategic Director of IncubateX.

IncubateX is a web3 incubator & NFT launchpad based out of Puerto Rico. They specialize in helping innovative projects incorporate web3 infrastructure -mainly NFTs- within their ecosystems, while focusing solely on projects that make a positive impact IRL. For more information visit and follow their social media handles at

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