HAANGLAS VIG got SGCC certified

HAANGLAS VIG got SGCC certified

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HaanGlas SGCC certificate

QINGDAO, SHANDONG, CHINA, October 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In Sep,2022, vacuum insulating glass manufacturer -Shandong HaanGlas got SGCC certificate and proved glass safety in buildings.

SGCC,the North American safety glazing certification council,is a certificate authorized to safety glass manufacturers,the certified glass products must pass ANSI Z97.1,especially the impact tests in which glass cannot break or safety break under 45.4kgs impactor.

Different from normal insulated glass that has 6-16mm air or argon between glass panels,Vacuum glazing contains 0.15-0.3mm high vacuum space to eliminate the negative air convection and conduction in heat transfer,VIG R value can reach R12 and even R14 in buildings.

For years, even though vacuum insulating glass has superior thermal performance and ,the thin and light features also helps decreasing overall windows costs,but cannot be applied in buildings,especially high rise buildings,because glass cannot realize safety breakage under impact.

The safety concern limited VIG application,while HaanGlas tempered VIG,adopted tempered glass in manufacturing VIG,and the featured low temperature metal edge sealing technology ensures that glass won’t anneal during sealing process,the test result also shows that monolithic and tempered VIG has similar fragment counts.

The innovative product enhanced glass overall safety,tempered glass has much higher strength and impact resistance,more important is, glass will break into many small particles instead of sharp corners and avoid serious injury to people,this enable VIG can be installed in high buildings.

“Beside SGCC, our weather accelerating test is on the way to prove vacuum glazing long lifetime and long durability.”Said Mr Han XiaoQing, General manager of HaanGlas.

With these innovative improvement, vacuum glazing is no longer the specious glass products,it can be applied in refrigerators, windows renovation,new buildings,glass facade,and many more category.

With extremely low thermal conductivity,vacuum insulating glazing can help creating comfortable living environment, decrease the energy used to keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter,Its performance can meet the requirements of the international passive house requirement, which can not only greatly reduce the energy consumption in the construction field, reduce the carbon emissions, but also reduce the dizziness and upper respiratory tract infections caused by long-term exposure to the air-conditioning environment.

The world main vacuum glazing manufacturers include HaanGlas,Fineo,Landvac,Pilkington Spacia,Panasonic,improved production capability and decreased costs will help enlarging the VIG market .

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