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25th of March 2021

With regard to the digital vaccination passport that the European Union is working on, countries like France and Russia feel that the vaccination would have an opposite effect. They are concerned that it will lead to discriminating against a large majority of EU citizens who haven’t been vaccinated yet. Warning that the vaccination certificate must not infringe on people’s right to travel.

Unite the Union confirms a Heathrow strike plan this spring. This is after employees have been fired and rehired continuously.

Germany ditches stricter Easter lockdown restrictions and plans have been reversed because it would have ended up being the strictest lockdown imposed in Germany.

RyanAir hopes to fly around 2300 trips a week over the peak summer season. The Chief Executive Officer of RyanAir says the success of UK vaccination has given them great confidence and they will focus on holiday destinations such as Spain, Italy and Greece.

Airbus and Rolls-Royce have teamed up for a project looking into the effects of Sustainable Aviation Fuel on commercial passenger aircraft.

Fun Travel Fact: One-third of the world’s airports are located in the U.S.

Source: Euro News, Breaking Travel News, FVW.

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