Ciarra Appliances Unveils a New Look

Ciarra Appliances Unveils a New Look

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Ciarra logo from old to new

How was the new logo designed.

Representative products of Ciarra

Ciarra has re-branded with a new visual identity system, the brand manager is beyond excited to announce that as of today.

HAMBURG, GERMANY, May 5, 2022 / — Introducing the New Brand VI for Ciarra
With over ten years of experience, Ciarra has made productive developments for home chefs looking to create fabulous meals for friends and family. Time and time again, Ciarra has taken steps to become a household brand with a vision to make life easier. Ciarra has always focused on providing intuitive kitchen appliances for those who love to cook and make their cooking experiences easier and happier.

With that said, Ciarra decided to update the following brand elements to embody its vision better. It is time to explore these exciting changes.

The new Ciarra word-mark draws inspiration from the subtle details of the Ciarra product line. It seeks to reflect a smoother silhouette and evoke the same emotional response: warmth, user-friendliness, and simplicity.

The new pictorial mark was formed with four squares to form the letter “C” in Ciarra. The idea was to go back to the roots to share a design that builds on the fundamental shape of Ciarra, and introduce a bold new look to help Ciarra partake more with its existing and new customers.

Slogan: Make life easier
Tagline: Ciarra is care

Ciarra’s Brand
As is well-known that cooking can be stressful and messy sometimes. Ciarra’s goal is to turn those chores from cooking into a joyful experience for all customers. With the perfect appliances for everyday cooking, anyone can create incredible meals for their loved ones; Ciarra provides the right products designed for individuals, families, and the planet. Meanwhile, Ciarra has upgraded its products with higher energy efficiency levels and more eco-friendly packaging. Still, there is always room for improvement, and Ciarra has been making upgrades throughout the years to accommodate different customers’ wants.

After years of producing and providing products with a high level of user satisfaction, Ciarra has made new changes to match its goal and mission. Ciarra aims at bringing all customers the most comfortable and effortless cooking experience among the most sustainable lifestyle.

Keeping the Original Intentions
Ciarra provides the best products for all customers from the past to the future. The new branding upgrades focused on creating better styles that customers prefer. Ciarra’s vision and mission will stay the same, although its logo has changed. It wants to make life easier and deliver that sustainable lifestyle to all customers.

What to Expect
•Products with higher efficiency levels for less energy and time consumption
•User-friendly packaging made of recycled resources
•A diverse range of kitchen appliances to be launched soon
•More sustainable lifestyle with Ciarra
So without further ado, please feel free to explore Ciarra’s newly renovated website.

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Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics