Born Again Is Literal

Born Again Is Literal

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KINGSTON, JAMAICA, June 13, 2022 / — Press Release
Delroy Marshall

Born Again, Biblical Concept Analyzed By Author In His Last Release

Author Delroy Marshall carefully explores the theme of being born again in a chapter of his book, ‘Adam And Eve Were Not Naked’.

In an entire chapter devoted to the often-controversial topic, Marshall wastes no time delving into the scriptures, which directly alludes to being reborn in Christ. He highlights a conversation of Christ teaching Nicodemus that no one can see God unless he is born again. Nicodemus seeks to know how exactly a human can be reborn, being that re-entering a mother’s womb was not a viable option.

He further explained using 1 Corinthians 15 vs 20 which quotes that “For since death came into this world through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man.” Just as we were born in the likeness of Adam, we shall be born in the likeness of the man from heaven. Christ declared “I am the gate”, “I am the way”, he went further to say “I am the Resurrection of life.” “No one comes to the father except through me.” He further added that the Bible explains that Adam was only a pattern of Christ, and made it very clear that the Son of God is our second Adam.

Marshall continues to explain that God took Eve out of the body of Adam, and in the same way, people of today will be taken out of the body of Christ to be born again. He also states that the Bible made it very clear that everyone came into the world through the body of one man. According to Marshall now we are on a journey to do it all over again through the body of Christ to become children of God. He further added that it is a fact that wherever you came from, you can come from there again. God brought you here before. Therefore, he can surely do it again.

For those who may question the meaning or don’t believe in this concept, this chapter presents scripture, logic, and easy-to-understand arguments that validate that rebirth.

The rebirth chapter is one of many in the book ‘Adam And Eve Were Not Naked’, which is centered around dissecting popular biblical themes to highlight the true meaning.

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Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics originally published at Germany - Amsterdam Aesthetics